The Imagination series (Episode 7…final curtain call)

Well, this is the finale in my series of short, thought provoking posts on Imagination. Imagination will live on in my other blog postings however I didn’t want to overstay my welcome with this.

How can I “finish” this off, I wonder?

It’s gotta be Big, Huge even, different?…..Hmmmm

Imagine, when you wake up one morning and there is the noise of laughter and singing echoing outside. You peer out of your window……

Your neighbourhood is absolutely full of people dancing & singing, dogs wagging their tails, cats purring and birds chirping…….and of course, the sun is shining brightly……..what a sight to behold!

You go outside to investigate the “fuss”. You ask a spritely looking elderly gentleman doing a jig, “what’s going on?” and he replies……

“Damn if I know, I justed started imagining a better place and found myself here”

you ask another and get the same reply and another, same reply and so on…….

Just Imagine if the whole world started imagining like this………

be good to yourselves, see you at “Living Life Today”…….


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22 thoughts on “The Imagination series (Episode 7…final curtain call)

  1. We “create” the world we live in… we get to choose. Nothing is real. Just perceived. How wonderful that is when you realise. Lovely post David… thanks so much for the series 🙂

  2. You painted a picture of BLISS my friend David – I can envision it and the words are powerful that you use- “I just started imagining a better place and found myself here.” It’s all part of the manifestation of a beautiful world!!!! I’ve enjoyed your series!

    Thank you,

  3. Wonderful David. I love the end of this series. After giving this some thought, we don’t have to imagine, it is always there for us if we take the time to look. Nature and the world is full of wonderful moments. Sometimes when I sit on my patio in the morning I can listen to the birds singing and the children hurrying off to school. Sometimes it is the silence of the moment that is great. Helps me pull my thoughts together for the day.
    What life comes down to is what we want it to be and what we want to pay attention too. Just like a person out walking or jugging. many have ear phones on and are listening to music instead of nature. I look at them and wonder if they realize what they are missing.

    Thank you for reminding us with this series what life is really all about.
    Blessing always,

  4. I am always tickle with imaginative thoughts whenever I read this series. Somehow the mind energy created in this is great. Thanks for this and sorry I did not follow post in this series.

    • Hey Jimmy,
      Thank you for tuning in & contributing. No need to be sorry, it’s difficult keeping up with everything…..anyway all the posts are on my site, feel free to have a read if you like.
      Thank you
      be good to yourself

  5. I really like this one David. I was imagining what it would be like to look outside my window one morning and see a sight like the one that you described in this post. It would be awesome to see to say the least. 🙂

    • Hi Evelyn,
      The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination or lack thereof…..don’t be afraid to Imagine. Thank you for your support & I’m glad that you enjoyed this.
      be good to yourself

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