Living Life Today…….Thinking too much?

I am expanding Personal Power 4 me’s blog to incorporate Life strategies, thoughts & experiences that  reflect more of what happens to us on a daily basis.

“Yesterday is gone, Today is here (& Now) and tomorrow is your future“.

Apart from being a qualified Life Coach and doing ‘Life Coaching things’, I would  like to share my thoughts & experiences of my nearly 57 years on this planet in a simple format, hopefully for the betterment of others.

The Imagination series will conclude after the next one (No 7).So as well as my “usual” posts,  “Living Life Today” will be a new vehicle. Shortish, sharpish, easily digestible & at times with a dose of humour (and some Imagination)……I’ve added a few more thoughts in this video. I hope you enjoy “Living Life Today”…..





A lot of thoughts run through our busy minds. Many come & go without ‘materialising’ into anything substantial. These are not formed, they are trapped amongst the “busyness”, no action follows. At least that’s my experience.

My best thoughts have come to me when…….I haven’t been consciously thinking at all

Is that weird?

Why not try it yourself? Don’t force, don’t over do the thinking thing.

Allow yourself some space and your great thoughts will come to you, effortlessly. That’s now my experience.

be good to yourselves


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16 thoughts on “Living Life Today…….Thinking too much?

  1. I was at a meditation workshop last weekend. One theme was “first thought, best thought.” The idea is that we think best in that little gap before we start overanalyzing everything. Like you, I find that when I quiet my mind and wait, patiently paying attention, what I need will come to me.

  2. Hi David,

    Like your videos and the bird. Like the way on the first video when the bird want to speak, you juds kept going. Good job.
    Any, le the thoughts come through. i find that when it is quite my thoughts come through. When i am looking for thoughts I get the noise out. Silence can be golden!
    thank you for post and reminding us to enjoy those unconsious thoughts. They are alway the good ones.
    Blessing always,

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for viewing. Silence is difficul tin my household with the number of birds we currently have however I find a “place” when I can.
      be good to yourself and thank you for visiting

  3. Hi David,
    When the mind is calm, things will start to come to us in an easy way. This has happened to me so often, this is why I use meditation to calm my thoughts. Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  4. Hi David,
    This reminds me of the movie; “The Way Of the Peaceful Warrior.” The Nick Nolte character tells the young Dan Millman character to not come inside until he has a profound thought.

    I believe he was out there for hours until he had something profound to share.

    • Haven’t seen the movie or read the book however I will take your word for it. “Hours”…….hmmmm…..patience required, that might be a cue for a future posting, Justin.
      Thank you for calling in and your continued support, much appreciated.
      be good to yourself

  5. HI David,

    I got the most inspirations when I don’t think to much. However, that’s not always easy with my busy minds. I really have to take the time to stop thinking, start dreaming and enjoy the inspiration thoughts popping up.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi David,

    It’s great to put a voice to your name. Your style has a very magnetic quality so it was very easy to listen to your video and take in your thoughts.

    Looking forward to the new series,


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