The Imagination series (episode 6)

Just imagine the craziest, sassiest, mind boggling, mind numbing, sexiest, baddest “thing” that you can do…….


what’s stopping you?

Rules?…….you already know there are none, so what then?

Fear, doubt?…….No doubt you have some fear, we all do

Imagination is bigger than that. I choose Imagination any day.

be good to yourselves


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16 thoughts on “The Imagination series (episode 6)

  1. David,
    I love the word imagination. I once took a seminar with someone who meditated on a problem he had. When he asked for the answer in meditation he “heard” this: No itan igami.
    He went crazy trying to figure it out until it finally came to him – this was the word “imagination” spelled back wards. He realized the answer to his problem was to use his imagination!

  2. Hi David,

    Like the picture and it reminds me of me. I am not a swimmer, but I am considering taking swimming lessons, even at my age. However I do know how to scuba dive. Years ago it was something that I always wanted to do, so I took lessons and am certified. I am find as long as I am under the water, but don’t put me on the surface. Now with this post I do believe I will go learn how to swim. Yes, you can be a scuba diver without knowing how to swim on the surface.
    Thank you for the encouragement.
    Blessing to you,

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