Saying Thank You for Today

“Thank you” is such a short message yet such a powerful one. It helps give my Life a meaning and a purpose that I have helped others when receiving a thank you and at the same time, a warm feeling inside. Incorporating more “thank you’s in your lives may have the same effect.

I have included a brief video which I hope reinforces the importance of “Thank you”

“Thank you” can be given and received…….it can be “said” in silence and out aloud

I say “thank you” first thing each morning and last thing at night. I appreciate my gratitude for the day to come and for the day that has passed, by giving thanks for the things that have happened and the “help” that has been given to create my gratitudes.

I say “Thank you for Today” and thank you…….

for the sun that is shining

for the Life that is beginning

for the children who are laughing

for the games that are being played

for the joy that is being felt and expressed

for the Love that is circulating

for the thoughts that are percolating

for another breath of Life

for Goals that are being achieved…….and for dreams that dare to be dreamt and then realised

for the safety of my Family

for the opportunities & abundance & never ending possibilities

I could go on of course. Please bless me with your “thank you’s” in the comments section below and have a thank you giving day.

#You may have noticed my pet Cockatiels flying in the background. They escaped during filming…..that’s Life, totally unscripted, another thing to be thankful for

be good to yourselves


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16 thoughts on “Saying Thank You for Today

  1. Thank you. David

    It is a very powerful message and it is an easy way to cultivate the attitude of gratitude.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ps: It seems that your birds have understood you lesson very well as they are twittering ‘thank you’ the whole time 🙂

  2. Thank you David.
    I usually awaken around 4-4:30 each morning. Before getting out of bed, I give thanks for all the wonderful blessings in my life. These moments of gratitude have become gifts in and of themselves. I have much to be thankful for and I appreciate your reminder of giving and receiving ‘Thank yous’.

  3. Thank you… for the lovely reminder David 🙂

    PS loved the unscripted antics going on behind you there LOL and the professional way you just blazed on regardless! I would have been doubled up on the floor laughing 😀

    • Hi Jean,
      and thank you for watching. We currently have a number of birds in the household who ‘join in’ when they feel, including our pet Galah & two recently added Lorikeets. Someone will have to move if/when I decide to get serious…..
      be good to yourself

  4. Thank you, David! A wonderful, and powerful reminder 🙂

    I, too, was impressed by your professional ability to keep going. I would have been cracking up! lol Lovely birds. Tweet tweet. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. I am grateful and thank you! I am so impressed how you didn’t skip a beat with the birds chirping in the background! WOW!

    I am grateful for where I live and I am able to look at the ocean when my eyes open for the first time in the morning. I am grateful that I live in the opportunities of life and am hosting a wedding celebration for 2 hours for a couple that I don’t even know on Saturday….

    Living in the possibilities of life,

    • Hi There Nancy,
      Thank you for declaring your gratitudes and have a great one on Saturday! How did that come about? Congratulations & best wishes.
      I’m not sure that the birds will be a regular part of my act however what is….unscripted Life.
      be good to yourself

      • I live in the possibilities of today so I got an email from a minister in town and she has a couple that she will be performing wedding vows for and last minute the people that were to do their food and place of celebration fell through due to unexpected high price… I opened myself to living in the moment and I said “why not” have it at my condo on the ocean…..and the rest will probably be a blog post!
        In gratitude,

      • Hi again Nancy,
        That’s fantastic and a Condo by the ocean sound great & will set a great scene. Can’t wait to read the full story after this event has played out…..
        be good to yourself

    • Hi Angela,
      Thank you for your comments. Those were our 2 pet Cockatiels flying around. My daughter has just commenced as a volunteer wildlife carer so as well as our own birds (10) we have 3 juvenile lorikeets being cared for pending release back to nature…..gets a bit noisy at times.
      be good to yourself

  6. Hi David,
    I think that we are on the same wavelength here. I have learned the power of gratitude and it really does work. The key is to say “Thank You” in advance instead of only after something good has happened to us.

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