15 “When’s” can make it right

Recently, I introduced the observation of using “when” while imagining…..i.e Imagine “when” rather than imagining “if”.

I’d like to expand the concept of “when” in our lives.

To me an obvious time for using “when” is in times of doubt. It becomes a time for re assurance …..e.g,

When things improve rather than….. ‘hoping for things to improve’

When I commit to action rather than……I’ll get to it sometime if I feel the need

When I know that I can do this rather than…..nah, everyone tells me it’s too hard to attempt

When is also a positive statement…... Many of you may be aware of “I am” statements which are used in positive reinforcement training & are very powerful in their own right. Combine them & you create an even more powerful force e.g,

“When I am making a difference…..to myself, to my community”

When I am unbeatable”

When I am trusting, understanding of myself”

…… they bring a permanency to your thinking…..i.e it is happening

Some more examples of the power of when:

When I choose to “live” rather than just exist or survive

When I embrace each moment instead of letting them slide by

When I love rather than hate

When I accept rather than judge

When I act & participate in Life rather than sit on the sidelines

When I say ‘thank you’ for this day instead of having ‘just another day’

When I share myself rather than go it alone

When I see the beauty in others and in my environment

When I take steps with purpose and create my world with care & positive action

Do you see the difference? adding or prefacing your thoughts and verbalisations with when adds an edge, a sharpness, a clarity……..to your message to both yourself and to others.

I’d love to know how when can affect your Life…..in what circumstances can you use when?…..do you now?

be good to yourselves


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26 thoughts on “15 “When’s” can make it right

  1. I like that, ‘when’. It’s a positive declaration. The mind takes it as an affirmation and gets us going towards our goals.
    You’d love the book, The Success Principals, by Jack Canfield. It’s all about this ‘stuff’.
    I’m using ‘when’ a lot now in my goal setting to attract what I want to achieve – when I get more clients, when I get more speaking engagements, when I grow my blog bigger with more engagement.
    Thanks for this simple but very powerful message.

  2. Hi David,

    When means at some point in your life, it is going to happen. This is so power to get our mind into doing something for the good of our future. Forget the ifs. When is the way to go. But we should also make sure that our when do not become forever. Perhaps we can coin the statement: When I kiss my wife tonight….. That more or less puts a quicker time frame in to make things happen. Beats the procrastination germs.

  3. Great post, David – I like the idea of using “when” in all of the situations above. Here’s a question for you: are there ever situations where “when” could be unhelpful to use, and “if” might be a lot more constructive?

    • Hi Tanja,
      Thank you for your comment. I used some qualification with my response to Debbie with the use of “when”. With much of our language certain words can be used for ‘good’ or ‘bad’…….”if” can open up new thoughts or it can constrict or paralyse us…..”when” may do that as well. I’m probably being contradictory however I believe the effect of a word depends upon the context in which it is used. In this post I was opening up the idea of “when” being used as a positive tool more so where too many “if’s, buts, maybe’s” were hanging about. Hope that’s a little clearer?
      be good to yourself

  4. Great post! Believing you can is the first step to move from “I want” to “I will.” Our minds are our biggest challenge. I recently went through a major life challenge that temporarily crippled me mentally. I didn’t overcome it until I started believing I could. These kinds of positive statements train our minds what to believe. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi David,

    You are right “When” is a much better word. I do have to say thought I like the ““When I am unbeatable”” with the when left off. “I am unbeatable.” This tells me the time is in the present, not the future. Just my opinion. We should never use the word, “if”. Then it will never happen even in the future.
    Thanks David for sharing the whens with us.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for contributing. My intent was to bring “when” into the picture when there were too many “if’s, buts, maybe’s” hanging around. On reflection I should have covered this a little better. Used incorrectly or in the wrong context, “when” could work against you & delay the positive action so a word of warning….best use is achieved when there are too many negatives in the air & you want to bring some immediacy & permanency into play..
      be good to yourself

      • Thanks David for keeping me straight. Guess i got a little ahead of myself. When is much better than the if’s, buts, and maybe’s.

        it is good to know that you are around to keep me on the right path.
        thank you and blessing to you,

  6. Great point about using when in a positive light. I’m so used to hearing it either as a nagging question such as, “When are you going to take out the trash, when are you going to find a job, etc” that it’s refreshing to see a positive application of the word.



    • Thanks Bryce,
      It can be used positively as I have tried to cover in this post. However if you see some of my responses to other respondees, it will depend on the circumstances.
      be good to yourself

  7. David, I love this! i hadn’t thought to explore the option of using the word “when.” I really, really like this!!!! Thank you for sharing it. I’m going to start incorporating this idea. “Bring ‘when’ into the picture when there were too many “if’s, buts, maybe’s” hanging around” love it!!

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