The Imagination series (episode 3)

Well we are lacing up the boots now. No 3 in a series of (I don’t know how many, depends on how far my imagination goes) short thought provoking Imagination posts.

Imagination is one of my best Friends.

Imagination used wisely, can be your friend as well, hopefully a close friend.

I take my friend with me, my travelling companion, support mechanism. If you are feeling a little down, a little flat then it’s great to have a friend for support, to take you away from this ‘place’ to places that will inspire.

You see imagination doesn’t have ‘downers’.

Imagination is uplifting & positive when you let it…….

let it take you to ‘places’ that ooze with inspiration, vitality and be your support for a Life full of wonderful surprises…….just imagine.

be good to yourselves


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12 thoughts on “The Imagination series (episode 3)

  1. Interesting topic. I was in a group last night and we did an exercise that revealed a clear difference between my left brained lawyer mode and another person’s right brained artist mode. Guess who had more imagination! The exercise made a big impression on me!

  2. Interesting topic, David!

    Children often have imaginary friends when they feel lonely. What is even more amazing is that is seems to make them more intelligent. Some years ago I learnt that having an imaginary friend is an amazing way to align yourself with your subconscious mind. Once in a while I still use this powerful technique to get new inspiration – with still the same very helpful imaginary friend 🙂

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Imagination is uplifting, such a true point. This morning I read some poetry and the imagination involved in the piece was brilliant. It was a very positive moment starting the day on some creative reading.


  4. Hey David,
    In regards to Galen’s comment I had to laugh at what she wrote. Law is very left brained oriented but I could see how the right brain could be used in some cases.

    When it is quiet, especially at night when my family is asleep I like to let my imagination run wild. Its usually locked away during the day because my “presence” is needed, so at night I find is the best time for creativity projects.

    Sometimes if I can’t fall asleep at night I go into my imagination and this some how soothes my conscious mind tight into “lala land.”

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