Life Goals…..achieving the big ones, after 40


This is a post for the directionless souls out there or the curious amongst us, who are entering or are already in, their ‘mid lives’…..

Often men & women entering their 40’s start to reflect on what they have achieved in life, where their life has “gone” and/or what they are going to do with the rest of their lives.  “Is there something else?”, ”have I done enough?” is a common call from those who are unsure in which direction to head or are feeling “stale” with their current life situations.

The thought that half your Life has gone is scary. The thought that the next half of your Life is around the corner & you have no plans to live it, is even more scarier!

Stuck in a “place” you don’t want to be, spinning your wheels is no fun. You need to gain some traction then plot your path forward.

You are heading in to or are already in, the next phase of your life. Establishing goals for it may seem daunting, especially if you have had no previous exposure to Goal Setting or have resisted it in the past. No doubt, the rest of your Life will want to be filled with meaning. The greater the meaning, the greater the motivation to achieve it. That “meaning” will take whatever form you choose, so choose carefully.

The effort to determine your “meaning” is worth it!….. This is the time to get it right. Getting started is the hardest part however once you have, ‘the flow’ will commence.


What do you imagine the rest of your Life looking like? What do you want to achieve…..personally, professionally, family wise? Are their tangible ‘shiny’ things that you want? Is it better health, fitness? Is it spiritual? Philanthropic? Educational? Fun (I hope so)?

There’s also  21 Self Discovery Questions here if you would like to consider further choices.

Whatever your ‘big things’ are, they must have this deep meaning for you, to be achievable…..and make them BIG, I mean HUGE, don’t hold back, deep, deep meaningful big things/joys.

Making the time to think about them is a great start, make the time!…..then make the time to put a plan in place.

Age 40 & beyond is a wonderful place to be. It is the time to make your impact, make your own personal mark on the world. This is not a time for regret but it is a time for action. Not action that will wear you down but action that will rejuvenate your soul, make you stand tall & claim your rightful “place”.


What’s really important to you now, the next 5,10,20 years? How will you make your mark, claim your place?…..Time will not wait for you, make the most of your time, now…..what are you waiting for?

Be good to yourselves


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30 thoughts on “Life Goals…..achieving the big ones, after 40

  1. As I’m reading this just a few days after Steve Jobs’ death, those questions have an even deeper, more profound meaning. So important not to live someone else’s life!

  2. Now is the time to be true to ourselves – Authentic. No more people-pleasing and seeking approval from others. If it comes, great. But we must follow our dreams and interests. If not now, when then?!
    Engaging in our interests and passions keep us feeling alive and connected to our purpose. Stay connected and move forward. Take those action steps.

  3. I am definitely having a lot of these thoughts – although still slightly bemused that I am actually 40, like it has somehow arrived without being invited, the cheek of it!

    I have a friend (younger than me) who has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and that has really made me think about everything. The good news for me is that my reinvention is taking shape and is all about living my dream life and I know a lot of people aren’t in such a luxurious position.

    Hate that feeling of time running out though – but guessing you don’t have a magic wand for that one! 😉

  4. Excellent reminders, David! A friend told me that life begins at 40, and I tend to agree. Stripped to what’s important in life, without the emphasis upon societal constructs. Life’s too short not to Love the process by living it authentically 🙂 Cheers!

  5. Hi David,

    Good reminder to people. Life does get better after 40. i have seen that 40 point and a little more. What the best part is that as we get older, we don’t worry about what others may thing or say. We like just being who we are. We realize time is passing by and we live every day and every moment of that day with job.

    This is very true, “This is not a time for regret but it is a time for action.” Learn by those crazy mistakes, pick up the pieces and start having fun and leave the regrets behind.

    thanks David for sharing how to enjoy the middle of our lives.
    Blessing to you,

  6. I’m always inspired by stories of people going back to school well into their careers in a field completely unrelated to their current. It certainly takes courage, but this is your life, time to do what makes you happy!

    Great post David!

  7. I’m a little over half way there, but I’m still worried about some of the goals I was hoping to hit myself by now. I can see how many of the things you mention here can apply to younger generations as well.

    I’m hoping to have kids, a home, and no debt in the next 5 years. I’ll be sure to use your suggestions to get there.


  8. Hi David,
    Oh yes, I will be 40 in a couple of years and I have been using my imagination skills to create a compelling future. It basically entails an abundance of “free time” and money.

    By free time, I mean the ability to do what I want to do when I want to do it. It’s kind of hard to do that if you are employed by someone else, but not impossible though.

    • Hi Elle B
      Thank you for your positive words. Yes the design…..I like as well…..adds more space/variety…..thanks. Enjoy your ‘action’ in whatever form it takes…..Life’s short.
      be good to yourself

  9. I am reminded of my favorite speaker’s words here. Jim Rohn said this of our life: “In the next five years you will either arrive at a well designed or an undesigned destination.’ For me, reaching mid life was an undesigned destination. I simply when with the flow of things, without any ownership and awareness of what I could have created for myself. The results weren’t that good. Going into the second half of my life, I feel more optimistic. The goals are clear, the plans are laid down, and the actions have begun. Really exciting to see.

    In the next five years, I hope to have my first few F&B outlets for my personal development business. My family will be in the house of our dreams constructed by us. We will be financial free. My wife and I will hold our dream snow wedding. Looking longer term, before I die, I see my legacy of helping underprivileged children established and that my children will be blasting a trail to better the world.

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  12. Conditioning yourself early will stand you in good stead for the OTHER decades, too 🙂 They are saying that 60 is the “new 40” — and if that’s true, you’re gonna need a lot of practice before then!

    Thanks for reminding us about how to think about having a great life at any age 🙂

  13. I’m really struggling with day to day life. I’ve had to grow up quick at 15 years old and havnt stoped accomplishing this since. Now I feel I have done it all life is boring, same house, same job, same thing day after day after day. I need a change. Feel as tho time is against me it’s not goin to stop or pause to let me figure this out. Doesn’t help any that my wife and I have been together for 20 years and I’m also getting bored with marriage sorry but true. We have different imagines of what 10 yrs looks like from now(really different). Anyway I thought a mid life crisis was a wises tale. Looks like I’m in one. I have it all yet I’m unhappy doesn’t make sense to me. I’m tired of trying so hard. I think I grew up to quick without choice. Now I feel I need to start over for me to have new feelings. 37 yrs old and life seem meaningless. Just feels as if I’m goin to be another lost soul who had a regular life just like millions of others.

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