The Imagination series (episode 2)

Hi fellow Life Lovers,

This is the 2nd instalment in my series of short, thought provoking, imagination themed blog posts. Hope you enjoy…..

Imagination dwells inside each of us. Ever waiting to be released from it’s dormancy, often in a burst of mind numbing spontaneity.

Shed light on your imagination, often.

A major key to effect vivid imagining is to –  “Imagine when.…. not imagine “if

Imagining “when” something happens is embracing what I call, the “substance” of imagination. It is bringing your imagined (previously locked up, never to be released) thoughts into the open where they can blossom into your reality.

“To imagine just once, kindles the glow……to imagine often, lights up the entire world.”

Why not give that some thought (or imagination) and see if it lights up your world.

be good to yourselves


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30 thoughts on “The Imagination series (episode 2)

  1. I’m all about lighting up the world my friend David – so I WILL imagine “when” and always……

    Imagination is more important than knowledge per the great Albert Einstein…..

    Living in the possibilities,

  2. There’s definitely a difference to the way I feel when I “imagine if” something, instead of “imagining when” – a different sense of emotional commitment to the thing I’m imagining. It’s not something I’d ever put into words before though, so thank you for making me think about it.

  3. My favorite visual for the word Imagine is the song by John Lennon – an all time favorite. I just love the universal utopia that the song brings up.
    Sorry I’m not addressing your version of Imagine. But this is what comes up for me. There’s a spot in Central Park with the word Imagine in the middle as a remembrance. Love it.

    1. Absolutely Justin, that’s the beauty of it. Imagining it that way can create your own reality or permanency if you like. “If” creates barriers, “when” breaks down the barriers.
      be good to yourself & thanks for your support

  4. Hi David,

    Imagining when instead of if makes a big difference in our subconscious mind. Imagination it is that powerful that can make lasting changes in our lives. Thanks for sharing David

  5. The shift from if to when is a powerful one. Belief is a powerful thing.

    I like the power that comes from confidence and a compelling outcome, and it reinforces the idea that what the mind can conceive the body will achieve, and where there’s a will there’s a way.

  6. Imagine when equals reality soon. Imagine if equals doubts and impossibility. This is a great way for us to shift vibrational energies for the manifestation of our dreams. You starting a course on that? 🙂

  7. I love that..imagine when, not if. It strikes at our inner-confidence. When we’re search for ideas it helps me to imagine I already have the idea and work backwards from there.

    Sometimes we just need to reinvigorate our belief in ourself! Perfect post for that David.

    1. Hi Bryce,
      Always great to see you. I am glad that you have taken something positive from this. This series will be short posts, hopefully I can drill into the core of the subject quickly.
      be good to yourself

  8. Hi David,

    I love, “A major key to effect vivid imagining is to – “Imagine when.…. not imagine “if.” It reminds us that we can do whatever we set our mind to. The only person that holds us back is ourselves.

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