3 Meaningful steps for taking action that matters

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Warning! This is a Coaching post. It’s brief, there’s no mucking around, it’s straight to the point.

Further warning! Some of this language may offend or even worse, for my International friends, be too Australian(if that’s possible). There is some attempted humour but mostly it’s serious…….

Metaphorically speaking, if you are swimming against the tide, treading water, spinning your wheels, up sh*t creek without a paddle, you obviously need to take some action to get going forward & get out of this predicament.

Before you can start…….

You first need to Gain Traction

then ‘step by step’

build Momentum

Let’s identify what these steps really mean…..

“Traction” = stop the slide, gain some grip, shore up your defences, plug the gaps, review your ‘battle plan’, build a base, initiate thought processes

“Step by Step” = one foot in front of the other, constant movement, thought supported by action, never give up, keep punching, motion with motivation

“Momentum” = success thoughts colliding with action, on a roll, unbeatable, it’s all downhill from here, effortless motion, well oiled machine

These three “steps” may seem simple, in fact they are. I’ve found (and you may have too) that often the simple things, the blindingly obvious, are the ones oft overlooked or not even sighted……they elude our personal radar.

When you find yourself on the slide & you will at some stage, step back & look for some traction. Something that will give you some grip & leverage with which to move forward.

Once again, using the details above…….

When you put your traction in place, you can then start moving step by step, continually motivating yourself to keep going.

This will in turn, build your momentum…….

There’s no stopping you now.

be good to yourselves


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32 thoughts on “3 Meaningful steps for taking action that matters

  1. Thanks, David. I agree! It really is that simple. We should all have those 3 steps printed out and where we can see them all the time.
    Change will never happen if we just sit and wait.
    We can have the idea, think the thought, dream about it, but… niohing will happen unless we doooo something.
    I like this!

  2. Hi David,

    Building momentum is crucial. Taking step at a time is very important as well. With action, everything is possible. I’m also a big fan of visualization and meditation. They help to relax my mind and focus on the goals that I want to accomplish. Thanks for sharing David 😉

  3. David,
    I’m reminded of times when I’m out hiking, and going up a steep incline. On several occasions, I’ve started to slip backward. And when I do – the best thing has always been to get back to a place where I can get that traction – and then from there, start moving forward again! Ahh…and such is life, isn’t it!!

    Great thoughts!

  4. Traction, this is good. We all need that traction for our action. If we just have action it like being stuck in the mud and just spinning our wheels. Then when we get out of the vehicle and find some boards to put under those wheels we can get some traction to get where we need to go.

    Great posts, David.
    Blessings to you,

  5. Hi David,

    First time on your blog, and I loved your post. Some great advice here, very much to the point. This should work great when things seem to start falling apart around us. Instead of fluttering around and trying to solve everything in one go, it’s most important to gain the traction and then take it forward one step at a time, and finally pick up the momentum. Great stuff!


  6. I really like this. Traction, Momentum, and Step-by-Step. You really put together a great analogy of what it takes to make progress in a simple and easy to remember format.

    I especially like the momentum piece. It’s my favorite tool. It builds confidence, eagerness, and ability.

    Thanks for the great take-aways.


  7. Hi David

    I feel almost disappointed that I am not offended! 🙂

    But some straight talking with my coffee in the morning is a good combination – off to build traction and momentum. It’s going to be a busy day.

    Thank you as ever, for those little nudges you do so well.


    1. Hey Karen,
      You are up bright & early. Have a great day & thank you for the kind words. I try not to offend however thought I better cover myself in case someone got sensitive.
      be good to yourself

  8. Hi David,

    Sounds alot like a swimming analogy. You a swimmer before?

    Traction = Awareness + Reflection + Planning + Goal Setting + Motivation
    Step by Step = Building the pyramids one stone at a time
    Build Momentum = Adding fuel to keep the fire and speed going


    1. Hi Jimmy,
      Mate, I’m just an ordinary guy capable of extraordinary things. I was a poor swimmer and a poor runner, a fair golfer and a lover of Life. My analogy just made sense, I like to keep it simple. I appreciate you calling in.
      be good to yourself

  9. Hi David,

    This was a brilliant post! 🙂

    The ‘Traction-Step by Step-Momentum’ model you have explained, is a great little tool we can use, to help us to acknowledge when we are stuck, and then use this as a opportunity to positively take action and move forward.

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