Do Goals scare you?

A recent post by Jonathan Wells really got me thinking…..Hard

I’m a Life Coach yet there ARE times when I have some difficulty getting clear on the process surrounding a particular Goal.

I’ve found that “lack of clarity” is usually the main culprit. 99% of the time, I can amend this when I review the ‘dose of meaning’ that I have attached to my Goal. If the meaning is not strong enough then I need to adjust the goal (or even discard)

There are others who often play a support role in scaring the hell out of me. They are the real ‘bogies’.

* Lack of Focus

# Lack of effective Time Management

* Too many distractions(often subtle)

When I use the term “scared”, I am not implying that I go to water, have a breakdown or anything similar. I am saying that I need to be on my best guard to ensure these ‘bogies” don’t creep in and spoil my game plan.

After all I do follow the Five Effective Steps to Achieving Meaningful Goals which is a blueprint for successful Goal achievement. Suffice to say “stuff” can still happen…..

The two marked * I find, go hand in hand. Subtle distractions sneek up on us. They are often simple things that go a long way into eroding all the good work that we have set up. e.g, ‘phone calls, incoming emails, noise, people

A lot of these are well meaning, well intentioned HOWEVER they interrupt your Focus.

FOCUS or the lack thereof is the dealbreaker. To achieve anything worthwhile one needs to be focussed and have no distractions.

In another of Jonathan’s fine posts, using applied focus in 45 minute bursts will get you on the way to achievement. I believe this to be a very good timeframe to aim at. I’ve used it and it works. It is amazing when you focus without distraction for 45 minutes (or as close as you can, I started @ 30 mins), how much you can achieve.

I am using the same philosophy with two of my current Coaching clients.

# Time Management includes scheduling your ‘focus sessions’. It’s fine to zone in on being focussed however if you don’t schedule then nothing happens.

Time Mangement also includes scheduling your priorities…..the important priorities not just the ‘urgent ones’…..often these urgencies are the ‘subtle distractions’

You see, there is nothing to be scared about.  When you get your priorities right surrounding your Goals…….

* Sufficient Meaning, Focus, Time Management, Avoiding distractions

then you are on your way.

Be good to yourselves


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22 thoughts on “Do Goals scare you?

  1. Great information here David. You are so right that there is nothing to be scared about when it comes to goals. I thought that was a great tip you shared with respect to time management. It makes perfect sense that we need to schedule our focus sessions. I think I could do a lot better if I consistently did as you suggested 😉

  2. Jonathan always has thought provoking posts. I’m glad you picked this topic as well since I recently have felt a bit scattered when it came to my goals. Sure enough I am a victim to all three of the pitfalls you mentioned.

    Thanks for these great reminders.


  3. Hi David,

    I find that the very first thing on meaning is often the greatest pull for the other factors you mentioned here for achieving your goals. When meaning is strong, focus will be there otherwise there will be a lot pain. When focus is there through whatever means time management and the will to avoid distractions will be automatic. So let’s work on our purpose for our goals first.


    1. Hi Jimmy,
      Meaning has to be strong for goals to kick in, otherwise it is a wasted exercise.
      I appreciate you dropping by & commenting. I have tried to reciprocate however comment is not showing. WP Support have not been helpful as yet.
      be good to yourself

  4. Hi David,

    Good tips on goals. I like the idea of starting with 30 minutes of applied focus, and scheduling it in your day, rather than hoping it will happen. With all the input, we can so easily get distracted. Just one step at a time and we can achieve our goals. Thanks!

  5. Hi David,

    Focus is very important if we want to achieve our goals. We can develop focus on a daily basis. If we learn to focus, then a lot of things become easier. I like to divide the time and focus on a specific task on one time. This way I accomplish more. 😉 Thanks for sharing

  6. Hey David. Yes, distractions are the biggest killer for my productive work towards my goals. Sometimes I’m even fully aware that distractions are creeping in and yet I can’t help but attend to the very thing that distracted me. 😦

    That’s a good point about the 45 minute time slots… I’ve read that 40 minutes is about the optimum time period for humans to focus intently on something.


    1. Hi Andrew,
      geat to see you. I find 30 mins is good. I have clients who are now managing 45 mins and are having immediate benefits. I think scheduling at least 30 mins will have great benefit. The amount of times that you do that in a day/week will improve your benefits. And we are talking ‘downtime’ as well here. Your personal time is just as important. Thankyou for your contribution.
      be good to yourself

  7. David – I really appreciate your idea of scheduling a 45 min. slot as a focus session. For starters I think I will try 30 min. and see how that works. Of course, I can always have multiple 30 min. slots throughout the day!
    Thanks for the tip!

  8. Hi David,
    For me it is definitely focus related. I love setting and achieving my goals but I do experience times of stagnation. I find what works best for me is to write out my thoughts on paper so that they are out there for me to examine and focus on.

    I also do some spiritual/energy work on myself to help get me out of my “funk.”

    1. G’day Justin,
      Thank you for your continuing contribution. Writing down thoughts is also one of my favourites, just pouring it all out. My focus is intensifying as I have been guilty of some stagnation however, no more.
      be good to yourself

  9. I recall reading about the 45 minute recommendation but I seem to have forgotten it. So I am glad that you reminded me. Yes, focus is key. I find myself getting distracted on facebook sometimes. When I finally become aware, I will usually log off my internet connection. That way, I can just concentrate on my writing.

    1. Hi Evelyn,
      Great to see you. Distractions are a curse, I fall foul of them as well. “Logging off” is a great idea. It’s often the subtle distractions that cause the greatest harm.
      be good to yourself

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