15 Life Questions you may need to ask …..when “doubt” sets in (part 1)

Hello fellow Life Lovers,

At different stages of our lives, we question…..

We question ourselves. We question the world around us. We question others.

Questions like…..

What am I doing…..am I doing the right thing

How do I achieve this…..what help may I need

Where has my Life gone…..what am I going to do with the rest of my Life

Am I happy…..is this really what I want…..what do I want

Does anybody love me…..does anybody care about me

Sound familiar?…..We have endless questions. The above is just a very small sample of potential “key” quesions that you may ask of yourself at various stages of your Life.

After one leaves their schooling/education environment, the world opens up. Key Life questions begin to emerge.

They continue throughout Life. At least, they have for me and are continuing.

* Here are fifteen key Life questions that I have asked myself at various stages when ‘doubt’ has crept in. They may be similar to yours?…in no particular order…

Who am I really

What will it take for me to be successful

What type of work do I want to do

Would I make a good father

Will I find love

Who will remember me

Can I meet or exceed my parents hopes for me

What one thing will make or break me, will make a big difference in my Life

Why did I do that

What is the lesson here

How is this going to make a difference

How can I change this

What will inspire my children to look up to me for guidance

What will happen if I let my family down

I am unhappy, what am I going to do about it

I have met many people through my coaching, who have experienced ‘doubt’ and yet have failed to ask the questions necessary, to begin to remove their doubt. Questions give us a reality check. Asking the right questions will begin to unlock some revealing answers.

Do any of these resonate with you?

* In part 2, my next post, I will put forward some answers to these questions for your consideration.

be good to yourselves


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22 thoughts on “15 Life Questions you may need to ask …..when “doubt” sets in (part 1)

  1. David,

    I love your new format that you are using – so easy to read!

    Questions abound for certain in our lives – that’s why kids are so great – they have millions and millions of questions always…..they seem to ask “WHY” quite often.

    Jim Rohn stated these questions that I love and will share with you and your readers: WHY – WHY NOT – WHY NOT ME – WHY NOT NOW?

    Living in the possibilities,

  2. Thanks Steven,

    I’ve met many people who ask me those questions. I heard them most often while I was serving a religious mission going door to door helping communities and sharing a positive message.

    People seemed to open up and ask the important questions in that time of my life. Coming back home and going to work and staying busy I tend to forget these important questions.

    Thanks for the reminder,


    1. G’day Bryce,
      Great to see you again. Will pop over to your blog shortly.
      You may have noticed that I pose many questions. If I can get people to think & reflect on them, then I am Happy.
      be good to yourself

  3. Hi David,

    I am new to your site.

    I wish you were my teacher teaching me all these life lessons when I was at school. When In look back at the way I have arrived here, I wondered why our educational systems have not taught us more about this important topic of personal development. Afterall, what good is good grades at Maths, Languages and Science when we cannot even fathom our own existence.

    But in some ways, we who have started asking these questions actively are blessed. Some people will never experience the beauty of life transformation and it is hard to justify that.

    Thank you for the questions. May I add….

    How can I be of great service to this world…

    How can I make this world a better place…

    How can my talents best be used for greater good…


    1. Hi Jimmy,
      Thank you for calling in. Your questions are great ones and make one think deeply & carefully……which is a good thing. I find that effective questioning helps me know in which direction I am going/should go…..it may help others as well. It would be great to see you again.
      Be good to yourself

  4. Hi David,

    Very interesting questions. I have learned through the years, I might add, to just do and stop asking myself questions. I use to drive myself nuts by questioning myself. the one question you list here; “What is the lesson here” i find very helpful. This one is one that stays with me. When things happen there is always a lesson to learn. I have found that if we don’t learn the lesson, this question will keep coming up until the lesson is learned.
    This is one question everyone needs to keep close by.
    I do like the lay out of your site. Very easy to read.
    Blessing David and look forward to part 2.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for your kind words. The lessons hopefully are learned. Sometimes they take a while, sometimes straight away. We all “learn” differently. I’m glad you like the site, I thought that a change would make it fresher. Thankyou for contributing & sharing your thoughts.
      be good to yourself

  5. Hello David,
    I find that when I begin asking questions that my mind can come up with 100 different answers. This is usually an indicator that I am being too mind oriented and I had forgotten about the most important place of all, my Heart.

    After a little one on one time with my heart the questions that I has are resolved.

  6. Hi David,

    I personally love asking myself questions. It helps me find the answers to what I’m seeking and helps me to know myself better. These are some very important questions to ask. Thanks for sharing

  7. Hi David,

    Great questions! Most people, if they find their truth at all, do so at a slow pace and as the result of unpleasant experiences and lessons. In fact, a good portion of the population spends their lives simply reacting to the present, as if they are characters in a movie responding only to what is happening around them.

    For many, the reaction syndrome is not enough. They want to find their truth, whether it is a
    business truth, a personal truth, or both. They seek to lead their lives and conduct their business with purpose based on those truths. Moreover, they do not want to find their truth “fragment by fragment…like a laborious mosaic.” Instead, they want to march forward quickly and to do that, as you know, often they hire a coach. So you and I interrupt the client’s reaction syndrome with powerful questions, observations and requests. When presented properly, the powerful question, observation, or request will not only stop the reaction syndrome, it will instantly illuminate a truth for the client.

    Rachel recently wrote I Can’t Say These 12 Words

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