Random dose of…….Prose

Some thoughts popped into my head recently (as is the nature of many of my thoughts). I couldn’t help but write them down. Apologies to the poets among you.

I promise you a real post shortly.

“I will stumble, I may even fall

however I’m only human, afterall

I will then rise and face my fears

and brush away the tears

for I am human, afterall”

be good to yourselves


“The sun is shining

the landscape is coming alive before my very eyes

My senses are stimulated

every fibre of my body reacts to the Life around me

As I breathe in this wonder

my thoughts turn to the joy of the moment

gratitude wells within me

Slow down from the rapid pace of Life

dwell and absorb the moment

focus on the quiet inside of you

be grateful for the experience

be grateful for being truly alive

and be comforted in the knowledge

that your fears,worries and missgivings

are merely apparitions”.

be good to yourselves


11 thoughts on “Random dose of…….Prose

  1. I really like the first one. Lately I’ve been hit by some incredibly high expectations. Needless to say I haven’t fulfilled on all of them. Understanding our humanness and our ability to fail is so fundamental to our personal growth.

    Thanks for the excellent reminder.


  2. Love it. You’re really exercising your imaginative and creative muscles. You’re taking that step out of your comfort zone and expressing what washes over you in whatever way that takes shape. And poetry was the form this time.
    Great job!

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