My “Happy” is my Friend

Weird heading eh?…..hopefully it got your attention.

There’s a gazillion posts out there on “Happiness” in it’s varying forms. I am not going to give you umpteen reasons how to be happy, rather my (sometimes obscure) slant on me, being “happy”…..maybe it can relate to you.

I find myself being happy most all the time. Simple enough statement.

Question…why?   Answer…why not?

My “happy” starts with a smile…..Internally I light up. This then extends to my external  facial expression. So it’s an inside to outside job.

What’s an internal smile?…..hard to describe however it gives me a feeling of overall ‘good’, bliss, ‘feel right’ or maybe it works the other way round, those feelings give me the ‘smile’…..anyway, it’s there. It’s the pre cursor to the external ‘evidence’…..the smile that you see.

It can come & go……I don’t always have my internal smile, so how can I switch it on?

When I look at my current state of play, there could be a lot to be unhappy about…..and I have some, not many,  tormenting moments of unhappiness. They are usually only brief though, my good internal smile kicks in and sends the unhappiness packing…..How?

It’s like a good friend saving you from a fight, getting you out of a scrape… “happy” friend. It knows when I am in trouble with my thoughts and/or feelings.

You see, I choose to be happy, regardless of….. (I choose my friends wisely).

It’s like a fail safe mechanism…..if things turn sour my ‘fail safe’ turns this around, my choice kicks in, automatically. Choice is powerful. It’s the switch turning bad in to good, negative in to positive, stagnation in to imagination, unhappy in to happy…….

I can find no excuse for not being Happy.….because I can find many reasons to be happy and be content in the knowledge that any unhappiness will not last (due to the power of my choice). Don’t worry folks, I certainly have a lot to be grateful for & be happy about.

Does this sound fair or is it just bulldust…..what do you think?

If/when you feel unhappy… do you turn this around, what’s your way out? Do you have one? I’d love you to share your valuable thoughts.

be good to yourselves



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25 thoughts on “My “Happy” is my Friend

  1. It’s fair David and NOT bulldust in my humble opinion!

    To answer your question: If/when you feel unhappy… do you turn this around, what’s your way out? Do you have one?

    I turn this aound by going to what is making me unhappy, examining it and not obsessing in the unhappiness but instead looking at the situation that is allowing me to be unhappy and then finding reasons to be happy. Living in a state of gratitude. It’s like the movie – Crazy, Stupid, Love – The man is about to go through a divorce and his co-worker finds out and states, “well, at least it’s not cancer.”……There’s always a positive side to things!

    Living in the possibilities of being happy,

    1. Hello Nancy,
      I love your upbeat nature. Gratitude plays a big part in our lives, you are so right there. Seek out the positive, it’s usually there.
      Thank you very much for your contribution.
      be good to yourself

  2. Like you, I’ve learned that I choose to happy. Sometimes, when my internal smile is feeling a little tired, I do something silly – sing a silly song, dance across the floor, or say something to make my sweetie laugh. It works.
    walk in beauty.

  3. Hey David,
    I think it’s great how you said “we choose to be happy”. Because certainly, that is the case! It’s all about our minds. But I for sure have had my not so happy days, you know, during those moments when everything just seems to fall on your shoulders. When this happens to me I try to remind myself that, it will pass. At that moment I could feel totally helpless but once I accept that it is just temporary, I begin to feel better and begin to realize that it is my choice, it is how I react that matters. Thanks for this happy reminder:).

    1. Hi Ariana,
      Thank you for your comment. I think it’s great to choose. Crappy things happen however you can’t dwell on that for too long. When “happy” kicks in, so does Life.
      be good to yourself

  4. Well, you know this post was right up my alley. I loved the way you descrbe yourself and your happy state. It is a choice, a moment to moment choice as well as a choice to build habits that ground us in abiding joy. I, too, am happy most all the time. Not necessarily always in a tralala happy mood, but always resting in joy. I think this is one of the best posts I have ever read on being happy. Way to go. Er, way to be.

  5. Hi David,

    Happiness is an internal feeling. We shouldn’t depond on others for our happiness. It is our responsibility. 😉 Once we find that place of happiness within ourselves, we can begin to enjoy every moment of life. Thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful new blog site!
    When I’m feeling down, I try to recount all that I’m grateful for. There’s a great exercise called The Three Blessings by Martin Seligman (positive psychology guru). It’s a great way to end the day; every nite before bed, write down 3 things you’re grateful for of the day, even the smallest thing counts. This is one way of trying to refocus onto the positive.

    1. Hi Harriet,
      Thanks for the vid & the compliment, thought I would ‘freshen things up a little’.
      Gratitude is one of the most powerful friends that we can have. Thank you for your kind contribution.
      be good to yourself

  7. Choice is powerful and it is like flipping a switch.

    I remember asking a friend of mine how he find happiness and his answer was simple — he drives from it. Everything he does he drives from happiness, so it’s always with him on all his journeys, as a guiding light and right under his feet.

  8. Hi David, Being happy is a choice, but sometimes we forget that. I’m, for the most part, always happy. My life has not been perfect, but I can be happy regardless of the choices that others close to me make. I’ve learned to live my life and let others live theirs. Thanks – great post!

    1. I believe that you are on the right track here Cathy, make your own choices. Certainly “Care” about others however you can’t live their lives. Each have to make own choices.
      Thank you for joining in, appreciate it.
      be good to yourself

  9. Hi David,

    How do I turn my unhappiness into happy. Just by looking and finding the positive about any given situation. there is always good lurking around the corner, we just have to go around the corner to find it and not sit there and feel sorry for ourselves. Happiness is a choice and i choose to be grateful, count my blessings, look for the love in people.
    Blessing to you David and have a wonderful day.

  10. hey David,

    Being happy is a choice. It is not that I’m always happy – it is an illusion to be happy all the time. But I never allow myself to feel unhappy for too long time. I truly believe in some principles like “everything and everyone prospers me now” It means that if I’m in a sad moment, I have to look what are the advantages of the so-called unhappy situation; In general I succeed very fast in this. I always get something or I learn something;

    And that makes me feel happy 🙂

    Thanks for sharingt

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