The Story so far……

About 6 months ago, you welcomed me in to your blogging lives.

For this, I am very grateful. There are many fine people in the blogosphere contributing many terrific messages.

I thought that I would honour this “anniversary” with a recap of my story so far…….I hope you don’t mind a little self indulgence.

This is my 127th post. I started publishing posts July 2009. I did two that year. I recommenced July 2010. My blog didn’t raise a comment until approx my 60th post in February this year.

I started receiving consistent comments from April, usually 1-3 per post. However you guys really started to kick in from May. Since then I have received 246 comments over 28  posts. The previous 90 posts returned just 42 comments…..First moral of the story, hang in there(don’t give up), keep punching.

Sometimes I feel that my posts haven’t hit the mark, some have been rubbish (upon reflection). Though in the past couple of months, I feel that I have improved.

It’s been a big learning curve. I’m not sure where I sit on the curve at present.  I am enjoying my blogging more now, however I know I have a fair way to go in the learning side of things.

But that’s the FUN of it all…..Second moral of the story , Fun is always there if you look hard enough.

The comments I have received so far have been encouraging. I’m even getting the odd share via Tweets, likes etc, however, in the big scheme of things, my blog is still a little fish…..that’s fine by me.

Will it become a bigger fish? Hmmm…My Imagination keeps me going, I do imagine having a bigger audience. That’s a goal I will pursue with vigour.

Sometimes I don’t know where my blogging headlines or content come from(specifics wise that is). However I do know that when I set my imagination free, the words seem to flow.

Third moral of the story….. don’t be afraid to venture outside your ‘zone’, you may just like it. Imagine things differently, imagine a better scenario.

I have been on planet Earth a while now. And I intend staying for a lot longer. During my journey, I have had high & low spots. Times of great certainty(felt like it anyway) and times of uncertainty.

I found when entering my fifties that I had to re create, rejuvenate myself…..a time of Renewal.

Fourth moral of the story….. there is always an opportunity to step up, play a bigger game, if you like. You can always “renew” yourself and create the person that you want to be. I like to include  ‘renewal’ aspects in some of my blog posts. I feel that I have ‘stepped up’ as my blogging confidence has grown.

I think we go through various stages of renewal during our Life. At least, we have the opportunity to do so. We just need to be aware when things may be stagnating and the time for “renewal” has come.

Thank you for joining me in my journey. You all have journeys of your own. May they be pleasurable ones. I look forward to your continued blogging friendship and hope that I meet many more in my travels through the blogosphere.

be good to yourselves


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25 thoughts on “The Story so far……

  1. I’m so glad you are part of my blogging world. Your questions often bring forth interesting and needed insights and I so appreciate that. Yes, we can create the life we want for ourselves and boy it helps to have guidance, such as yours, along the way.
    walk in beauty.

  2. Hello David,

    We’re all enjoying climbing the same learning curve as we build our blogs.
    I try to follow various pieces of advice as I go and I have to say that the three most helpful resources I can pass on to you are –

    1. A-List Boggers Club

    2. Darren Rowse’s Course – 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

    3. We Blog Better (I’m biased as I write a monthly post for them but I follow all the advice there!)

    You may have already found these but I thought I’d mention them just in case you hadn’t.
    I love reading your posts and feel you have already helped many of us with your insights.

  3. Beautifully open and honest piece.
    Thank you for your support and encouragement along my blogging journey. We are in fairly similar spots in life, and in blogging, I feel.
    To my Australian online friend – so glad we’ve connected through the web.

  4. Interesting–I just commented on someone else’s blog (today is commenting day, I guess!), that I was quite content with my little corner in blogworld. After a slow start, things suddenly picked up earlier this year, and then leveled off. I think I have probably hit my plateau unless I take some active steps to market and increase my exposure/readership. At least for now, I seem happy where things are, so I will probably just muddle along at my current pace/level. I appreciate that you shared some of your blogging reflections here. Many of us think about these things, but they don’t often appear on the blogs.

  5. Congratulations David and BRAVO for keeping up and getting out of your comfort zone! I am so impressed that you come over to and add your comments – it takes a real man to come visit!

    Living in the possibilities,

  6. Hi David,
    I recently discovered your blog and you are doing a good job. To make your blog grow, you need to get involved in the blogsphere more like commenting, submitting your articles to article directories and work on SEO. Keep up the good work David 😉

  7. Congratulations on your 127th post!
    I love your 4 morals of your story. These two are ones I’m embracing and it’s pretty neat to see how, although not easy they are deeply satisfying. Something about pushing on when we might otherwise stop and venturing into scary unknown waters – I feel like a warrior in training.
    “hang in there(don’t give up), keep punching”.
    “don’t be afraid to venture outside your ‘zone’, you may just like it”

    Keep sharing your journey!

  8. Hi David,
    I like the line you said that you’re happy on what you’re doing and make a purpose on your blog, and thinking people to share your insight to your readers. Keep blogging as I do aiming for improvement.

  9. Hey David!
    I love the new look of your blog! It looks fresher and more calming:) As far as this post, I really enjoy reading the stories that bloggers go through because at one point everyone starts off small. When you see someone with a successful blog you never imagine the journey they took to get there. Great post 🙂

    1. Hi Ariana & thank you,
      Started changing the blog theme yesterday. I like to freshen things up every now & then, freshens my thoughts & outlook as well. I appreciate you calling in. Take care &
      be good to yourself

  10. Hey David,
    Thanks for sharing your blogging journey. We all started out the same as you my friend. Little to no comments, doubting our writing abilities, wondering if we are going to make it as a blogger.

    One thing that I do know is that the longer and consistently that we do something the better we get.

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