The Positivity Effect….. essentials to survive in a negative world


Time for a warm, fuzzy, feel good type of post. A decent dose of positivity.

Are you up for it?!

This is just a “shorty” to get you in the mood for “feeling the positivity” or if you are lacking, getting you to at least consider a positive mindset.

Positivity initially requires practise especially if your Life is charged with too much ‘negativity’.

It’s practise that you can enjoy, it’s not a chore. As you get better, the practise becomes automatic, you exude positivity without any effort. I find that visualising & feeling allow me to get into a positive mood much easier & snap any negativity that may invade my space.

Here’s a “taster”, repeat after me…….

  • Feeling positive makes me tingle with excitement
  • I am unbeatable…..nothing is a “problem”, when I am positive
  • My energy levels are at maximum levels, when I am positive
  • I have control of “my world” when I am positive
  • I will keep building my “Bank of Positivity” step by step, day by day smelling the roses along the way
  • I will make regular deposits of positivity into my Bank – I will withdraw  only what I need when there is a “downer” on the horizon
  • Being positive/having a positive attitude creates optimism for my future
  • being positive makes me HAPPY
  • I just Imagine when I reframe my negative situations into Positive ones…..the achievements, the Life changing decisions…..the bliss, the opportunities
  • Positivity helps create my Purpose
  • If I ever get stuck, spinning my wheels…..Positivity can give me traction and renew my outlook on Life

So, is your Life sucking like a lemon?…..try sucking from a juicy orange, mango or peach instead….. feeling positive lets me aim for the sweet stuff.

The Positivity Train is coming to a station near you. This train is taking on passengers who want to be charged with Positivity!…..hop on if you are up for it.

Well…..are you up for it?

be good to yourselves


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27 thoughts on “The Positivity Effect….. essentials to survive in a negative world

  1. Reminds me of the book, How Full is Your Bucket, by Tom Rath. And there are also kids books about filling one’s bucket with happiness, positiveness and kindness. Deposits into your Bank or Bucket, same idea.
    And ‘positivity’ is contagious. We’re all on board here!

  2. Hello David,
    Great post on postivitiy my friend and it’s all part of being good to yourself! I like to start my morning with positive affirmations – like:
    I AM HAPPY, I AM BLESSED, I AM GRATEFUL, I AM JOY and of course, may the possibilities of today excite me.

    In gratitude to your positive post,

  3. Normally when I read blog, I don’t reply. However, this information is so well written that I think that for the minimum I show my appreciation. Please keep it coming and I’ll be glued for more

  4. Hi David,
    Visualizing is one of my favorite tools as well to feel positive and to reduce negativity in my life. Just closing my eyes for a few minutes and focusing on my goals as they are already happening, helps to reduce the stress in my life. Thanks for sharing

  5. Great post David. Short and too the point. 🙂
    How I choose to feel is one are that I have complete control of, well unless I drank too much coffee that is. But anyway, I believe that the way that we feel is the first step in creating our reality.

    1. Hi Justin,
      Great to see you again & thankyou for the compliment. i tend to drink too much coffee on occasion as well. You gotta ‘feel good’…..if you don’t then please take the time to look at the reasons why. i believe that a ‘positive outlook/attitude/mindset helps one to overcome much of the ‘poor stuff’ that we can be surrounded with. Thanks for commenting &
      be good to yourself

  6. Great post David,

    Right before reading this I heard a bunch of bad news, so I was feeling a bit down and frustrated.

    Reading through your “tasters” and saying them out loud really did make me feel much better. Good work.

    How did you come up with them?

    1. Hi Bryce,
      I appreciate you calling in. I am glad that you got a boost from my read.
      “How do I come up with them?”…..great Q…..Really, it’s my experiences put down in writing, these “tasters” are what I feel/how I feel. I can’t get any more realistic than that. It’s the same with most of my postings, personal experiences & feelings.
      Apart from that, when I am in the zone, a lot of stuff just comes to me…..there’s some things that I just can’t explain. Thank you for your interest.
      be good to yourself

  7. Great idea to have a few positivity statements ready to use when we catch ourselves going down a negative path. Stop! Break the habitual negative chatter with one of your statements. Like a fly swatter! Great post.

  8. It was a pleasure to read this “feel good” post.

    Inevitably we experience what our dominant thoughts project, so why not create a vision that is positive and beneficial to us? Since our subconscious cannot tell the difference between true and false, we should imagine and visualize the most positive results we could possibly desire!

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