15 options to break your Rut….with Style

Ruts are nasty things. We have all been in them. They come in many forms.

Boredom, same old same old, procrastination, lack of promtional opportunities, Business gone flat, social life disappearing, relationships shaky or non existent, lack of goals, motivation or vision for the future.

Sometimes we need to just shake out the cobwebs and look at things with a different perspective, a fresh pair of eyes so to speak.

Otherwise our Ruts may consume us.

I’ve penned some thoughts, (which you may like?)…. humour me a little and have a read anyway. At the end of the day, if your life is starting to have that stale taste about it or has already become stale, commence thinking differently and take action in accordance with your new ‘style of thinking’.

You might like to try one or several of the below. Put them to the test. In no particular order…………………..

  • Slow down, pause, reflect……..what’s going on?…What can I do about it?… Interrupt the ‘sameness’. You can start by creating a new pattern of behaviour
  • Take a deep breath, exhale, what are your thoughts right now, are they serving you? Reflect on this…..time for new thoughts?
  • What makes you smile? Think about it, add a huge dose of Imagination then…………Smile!
  • Tell someone dear to you that you appreciate them OR be really bold & tell them that you Love them(assuming that your relationship is not stale or if it is, find someone else to Love)….that may be a big step, a huge step however it’s sure to be a Rut Buster
  • Try doing something different from the usual……….anything, you might like it!
  • Indulge yourself a little, think about your greatest achievements to date, what was great about them, can they be repeated………….it’s never too late to achieve again(it will at least get your thoughts percolating)
  • Be Grateful for what you already have(you do have things to be grateful for even if it doesn’t feel like it right now)……….Write them down. This process alone will brighten you up. You will be amazed at the ‘gratitudes’ you have…..and then, get on with it!
  • Read an inspiring Book or watch an inspiring Film, video. Take the time out, get the juices flowing again.
  • Take a walk, jog, bike ride…….exercise & exorcise the “staleness” from your system
  • Dream a little …..or a lot……Visualise where you want to be next week, 1, 5,10 years from now
  • Commence action relating to your visualisation and get excited about it and how it will change your Life
  • Tell people about your (new) future and how enjoyable it is going to be for you(accountability)
  • Wear a funny hat for a day,  smile a lot (you can’t be unhappy when you smile)
  • Find the outrageous in you. Deep inside lurks a (good) demon, bursting to be set free, locate & ignite the spark!….. At least try something outrageous once(maybe a blog post?) if your good demon wants back in his/her cage.
  • Seek the counsel of a close friend, helping professional, Life Coach. Simply talking about/through your issues will remove some of the ‘rut load’, you will start to feel lighter. Start removing the burden & move forward with your Life. Gain some traction.

Well, what do you think, worth the read? Let me know your thoughts.

be good to yourselves


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24 thoughts on “15 options to break your Rut….with Style

  1. This article is right on point David 🙂

    Been receiving many messages about visualizing my outcome and changing up or breaking up the patterns. Doing this may feel sort of uncomfortable at first but actually going with it is very freeing.

    1. Hello Nancy,
      Thank you again for your supportive comments. I know you love to “live life out loud” so I hope you caught my “outrageous” point that I made.
      be good to yourself

  2. Hey what’s up David?

    I definitely agree about pausing and reflecting. It reminds me of this STOP method talked about in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook.

    The way I see it – taking a pause is one of the best way to halt our impulsive behavior (and/or old patterns) and reevaluate other courses of action.

    Cheers for the wisdom!

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thankyou for calling in and the compliment. If things aren’t working we really need to slow down, step aside & have a real good look at what’s (not)going on. Thank you again &
      be good to yourself

  3. I’m going to break out of my rut right now! I’m going to get out in the fresh air and take some time to watch the bees on my lavender, feel the breeze on my skin and enjoy a coffee.

    We must all break out more and you’ve given us ‘no excuse’ for staying stuck!

    Thanks for this.

  4. Hey David,
    It’s funny because many of us enjoy certainty/comfort in our lives yet this can result in creating a rut. I like the idea of using our imagination to interrupt the patterns and create something different in our lives.

    Also i like the idea of letting out the outrageous little (good) demon via a blog post. Sometimes I get the idea in a fun way to write an outrageous even silly post that would make readers laugh and perhaps think I am a little strange.

    1. Thanks Justin,
      Don’t be afraid to feel or look a little strange there mate. I’d love to see your ‘outrageous’ come out, would be a great read. “Imagination” seems to be a recurring theme doesn’t it? Imagining some “outrageousness” might be in order. Break the ‘pattern’.
      be good to yourself

  5. Hey David,

    Removing your self completely from the task is the best way to end your mental, psychical or spiritual stump. This gives your mind rest and allows you to relax. Sometimes all we NEED sometimes is rest and relaxation. Just don’t rest or relax for too long..haha.

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Yep, often taking a break from the (mundane) task helps you clear the stuck stuff. Yes, rest/relax is good but don’t make it a bad habit that takes you from the real focus.
      Thank you for your thoughts Jonathan, well received.
      be good to yourself

  6. Hey David, I really agree with what you are saying here! We need to stay focus, and start act like we are already out of the rut, which is to visualize and focus, if there is some sort of action that need to be made, the universe will show the way! As you said, Gratefulness is the one of the top keys because it gets your focus off the rut! Thanks for posting!

    1. Thank you Tyler,
      I appreciate you calling in. Be grateful and move forward I say. Thank you for pointing that out, we have a lot to be grateful for, use it to your advantage.
      be good to yourself

  7. I agree totally David. Being in rut sucks and you have to know how to break out of it. Many people say they are depressed, I wonder how many are just in a rut. You feel like 4 walls are closing in on you.

    I know for myself being a blogger. I work at home 5 days a week, but I know when I have leave the house and take a walk, or run some errors.

    The same thing over and over again will put a person in a rut. Some great tips you have here for getting unstuck.
    Blessing to you,

    1. G’day Debbie,
      Thank you for calling in. Great point re feeling depressed & rut. I think that many are “depressed” that they are in a “rut”…..without really knowing it. It is unfortunate that so many people do suffer clinical depression. It is also unfortunate that many use ‘depression’as an excuse/easy way out. Just reorganise your thinking, get your brain into gear & enjoy what Life has to offer. It comes down to one’s thought processes. Thank you also for ‘liking” my FB.
      Be good to yourself

    1. I noticed your penchant for movies J.D,
      And checking your blog you seem to me to have no problems getting the juices flowing. Sure breaks any Rut, great going.
      Thank you for calling in.
      be good to yourself

  8. We each can come to the message you have so carefully written. Facing our demons, and being in a rut, sometimes can be very overwhelming. Depression can take over, as much as we allow. It’s gathering our strength, and in perseverance be determined to conquer our giants, small or large, they can consume our every thought and soon take over our whole existence. I’ve fought many of these of these battles in my lifetime, and with faith and strength have managed to overcome, with being more determined then ever to proceed with my life.

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