Imagine…. if only you knew what you had within… An exercise in Self Discovery

“Imagination” is an exhilarating word. Just saying it gives me goosebumps.

Using it……. well that opens up everything!

An oft used quote from Albert Einstein…”Imagination is greater than Knowledge”

Living Life to your full potential I believe, is largely an inside game. This is where the ‘knowledge’ part kicks in…….

Knowing what is inside you requires committment to Lifelong learning. It doesn’t take a lifetime to learn that you have enormous ‘personal power’, however there is a lifetime of learning involved understanding and using your personal power to it’s full extent.

Learning to grow necessitates learning to look within and then believing, in your personal power.

The good news…….you already have this ability, this potential, this well of opportunity.

Just imagine what your Life could be if only you realised how much you already have inside you.

You are powerful. The power of your thoughts is immense. You determine what you do, how much success you want, how happy you can become, your impact upon others…….Just Imagine, your very own power source……..Just

  • Imagine the type of Life that I will lead
  • Imagine the friends that I will have
  • Imagine the “mountains” that I will climb
  • Imagine the exotic places that I will visit
  • Imagine the impact that I will have on others
  • Imagine the “wealth” that I will accumulate
  • Imagine how many Facebook friends I will have
  • Imagine my Happiness
  • Imagine the Love that I will give and receive

All of this can come from the inside, your personal power…….Just Imagine

Why does this power source burn brighter for some more than for others?

There are Life’s adventurers, risk takers, cult heroes, Leaders, Entrepreneurs who have dared. They have dared to imagine. They have dared to Believe. They have dared to look within.

There are also seemingly ordinary Men & Women all over the globe who have also dared. They have looked within & dared to believe that they can do it…….whatever “it” they chose to do.

So why can’t you?

What’s stopping you from looking within?…….from believing in yourself?

Just Imagine if you did.

be good to yourselves


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24 thoughts on “Imagine…. if only you knew what you had within… An exercise in Self Discovery

  1. David,

    Love your quote – Just imagine what your Life could be if only you realised how much you already have inside you.”

    It could be compared to that of a jester. When a child is young he is playful, maybe the class clown, but when we see him as an adult, all that is gone due to the rigors of life.

    This is my story, but when I met an activity that triggered my imagination again as an adult, I realized that the imagination had just been waiting to resurface. I could go back to being the happy child within and let my imagination run free.

    Just imagine how many people I could have taught if I had only used my imagination!

    • Hi Ellene,
      Good to see you again. Our imagination is an invisible yet tangible resource available to all of us. It gets hidden away too often. Let it out, be the jester, the playful child or whoever you imagine to be. Great observation you make there. Thank you for contributing.
      be good to yourself

  2. YOU NAILED IT THIS TIME DAVID – Like the great John Lennon song, “IMAGINE”……

    You used my personal favorite quote – “Imagination is greater than knowledge”…. You know that Walt Disney felt this way….without imagination life would be dull and boring for myself….

    I can only imagine – living in your truth, imagining and believing it will come true – the key to manifestation….

    Living life out loud,

  3. David,

    I love the quote “Imagination is greater than knowledge”. It is so true. The imagination of the heart is far more greater than the knowledge of the mind.Knowledge is of the past. Imagination of the present and future.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very inspiring! We don’t realize what we have inside until we dare to let go of our internal critic and allow ourselves to soar. We hold so much back for a variety of reasons, but you have reminded me to let my thoughts take me where I want to go. Thanks!

    • Thank you Cathy & thank you for the “like” on FB,
      No barriers or rules with your imagination Cathy, so no reason to hold back. I am glad you enjoyed. I’m sure we’ll catch up again soon.
      be good to yourself

  5. Hi David,
    Love that pic.
    I love using my imagination. Sometimes when I write a post I solely use my imagination. When I was a kid I could create imaginary worlds that would keep me from being bored.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Walt Disney knew a thing or two about imagination. So do all those who envisioned something new or great or different than others and then created it. Authors, poets, inventors, theologians, philosphers, scientists and so many others live, in part, by their imaginations. Thank goodness they do. Where would we be without it?

    Great post, David!

    • Hi Ken,
      Thank you for the compliment. Imagination is a dynamic tool for us to use whenever we want…….imagine the possibilities!
      Thank you Ken for calling in &
      be good to yourself

  7. So often in my day to day busy-ness, I forget to use my imagination, which is ironic since I consider myself a creative person! There are so many places to engage with imagination on a busy day…waiting in traffic, for a web page to load, on a office coffee break. Thanks, Dave, for the reminder that our powers is always with with us.

  8. certainly that opens a lot of possibilities and makes us think in a positive way
    a great way to motivate ourselves is to imagine what we could do. thank you for the post David 🙂

  9. Hi David,

    I truly agree with you! I’ve always carried a journal of some kind with me and when my imagination was sparked i would begin to write. Even now, I recently started taking a creative writing class…so much is owed to our imaginations and so much of the time we choose not to use it :(. Great post and great reminder.

  10. I can relate to this, David. I’m sure there’s so much more within us if only we stopped to look properly..
    I love Nancy’s phrase in her comment, ‘Living Life Out Loud.’ So many of us simply whisper…

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