What’s your excuse (for not living your Prime Time)?

A friend of mine was very comfortable with the way things had been, until recently. He was overlooked for a promotion, the organisation was looking for someone with a different attitude. “I am now in my 40’s, (the beginning of prime time), I’ve done the hard yards, I think I’ll just ‘coast’ to the finishing line”…….What!?

You have an amazing opportunity at Life right now & for many years to come. Don’t give up, things/circumstances do change, I say… ” That’s the problem, I don’t like change. I’m fine with how things are now”, says my friend.

Is this how you react when things don’t go the way that you would like or don’t stay the same?

Do you have a “reflex” action … a fail safe, a one size fits all type of response?………

In other words, an Excuse.

No matter what stage of Life you are in, excuses should not be allowed into your Life.

Excusing yourself from living Life to your full potential can have dire consequences.

However you can recover your situation by just letting go of your excuses.

Do these sound familiar?

What’s your excuse for;

    • not setting goals to  ‘set up your Life’
    • ignoring your life long learning discipline
    • giving up when the going gets a bit tough
    • procrastinating rather than deciding
    • not looking after your health
    • not smiling more
    • being a follower rather than a leader
    • ‘sitting on the sidelines’ instead of taking action
    • not embracing each & every day with a “helloooo world”
    • not taking responsibility
    • Blaming others for your issues
    • not saying ‘thank you’…..for what you have
    • being platonic rather than loving
    • being negative instead of positive

Excuses come in many forms however they often start with our thinking(or lack thereof) via our (lack of suitable) Belief Systems. Some may be expressed verbally as follows ;

Commonly –  “it’s too hard” , “I can’t do that”, I don’t have the skills”. “I am not lucky”, “I am too busy…”, “it’s someone else’s problem”, “I couldn’t be bothered”………I think you get the picture.

Many of our Beliefs may be tired, worn out or simply don’t suit current events –  if your beliefs do not serve you then change them! OR at the very least, review them. The points that I raised above are just a sample of the many ‘life excuses’ that exist…..you know the ones! These excuses serve as warning bulletins that our Belief systems are in need of a shakeup and/or we need to get our thought processes in order.

Is there really any valid excuse for not being able to ‘deliver’ on these points? i.e turn them around.  What is really stopping you?… It’s your Life & you have the power to live a great Life, not one full of excuses.

Be a friend to yourself, don’t throw your primetime away.   n.b ‘Primetime’ can be any stage of Life, I’ve used the mid life years as an example(a very good one).

Get moving, get rid of the excuses, take ownership & responsibility for your life & be a better person to those around you & most importantly, to yourself.

Be good to yourselves


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10 thoughts on “What’s your excuse (for not living your Prime Time)?

  1. No excuses here my friend – “A life unexamined is not worth living” is what was said Plato…

    I also call it living in the comfort zone – it’s an excuse….

    Living in the possibility of life,

  2. oh it’s so easy to let it go, let it slide, “not care” and before you know it, a decade has passed and you’re left wondering “what the hell happened to my life”!
    Choose today, to live, to walk………..in beauty!

  3. My motto’s are “There are no problems you can not handle” and “Everything and everybody prospers me now”.

    They seem to work because I cannot find an excuse at the moment. And I remember that this was different 7 years ago when I started with self-development.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi & thank you Marc,
      Without excuses you can get on with Life. They can be sneaky little things, these “excuses”. Be aware of them & keep them away from your Life. Good to see you again Marc.
      be good to yourself

  4. Great post! I always say, it’s all too easy to find ways to Not Do. We need to find the ways To Do.
    Excuses keep us from living a Grand life, as opposed to a mediocre one.

    Just came home from vacation – catching up on visiting my great blogs.

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