More Self Discovery Questions for Mid Life “Newbies”


About to enter “mid life” eh? Wondering what to expect? You may be a little fearful that a good portion of your Life has gone.

Don’t worry! The best part is about to start.

A little while back, I posted 21 Self Discovery Questions to enrich your Mid Life Journey. 

This post is still receiving views which is very heart warming. Therefore I thought a follow up might be in order. And just for variety, I’ll throw in some of my homegrown “guide points/feedback” for good measure.

I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again…….”mid life is golden”

You have done the hard yards. You may wish to build upon your hard work in your existing area of Life and/or work or… You may not… Choice is an amazing tool at our disposal.

  • Are you now asking yourself….”is this the way I want to live the rest of my Life?”

Well I am not hear to tell you to pack it all in & venture into the unknown totally unprepared. No, what I am saying is reaching the mid life years can elicit ”a change in thinking” in some. If you are perfectly happy doing what you do then do more of it.

If not & you want to do some venturing, start asking yourself some questions before you step out  the door, like…..

  • “What makes my heart sing”…….”What will make my family proud of me” …….”What will make Me proud of me…….”How will I feel knowing that I didn’t give my best shot….that I didn’t take a risk”…….”what is the worst that can happen”…….”how far outside my comfort sphere am I prepared to step”…….”am I the person I want to be” or “who do I want to be”

We are complex beings. There is a lot going on inside of us. And there is a lot more inside of us that we do not allow out. Untapped potential is what I am alluding to here.

This untapped potential can remain dormant for a Lifetime…….what a waste.

Now more than ever, is your opportunity ( there will be a lot of opportunities during mid life) to start tapping. Not your toes, start tapping in to your potential – you have a lot of this inside of you. Discovering your hidden reserves is a great start to living the rest of your Life with unlimited possibilities and endless horizons.

Time for some more questions that you may wish to consider,

  • “How do I live my dream or ‘best’ Life”…….”How will I know what is the best path to follow”…….”Why am I afraid of what may lie ahead of me”…….”Who will save me if I fall”…..”how will I adapt to the changes that I want to make”

and time for some more homegrown guidance & feedback;

I discovered some pretty cool things after I turned 40. Turning 50 opened up more revelations. Learning more about myself & the endless learnings that can be explored were just two…….and they are a pretty important two. Continuing to learn will ensure that you continue to grow as a person. This forms the base, the solid foundation for the rest of your Mid Life Adventure. And learning (greater) Self Belief will go a long way to helping you answer the questions I just posed above (together with tapping in to your reserves of potential).… Don’t be afraid to fall, I know that it is scary……..

Just have the faith & belief in yourself that you will get up……. and you will. Therein lies your power. Your power to engage with & prosper from your “mid Life” years.

A couple more questions to finish,

  • ”what will be the deal breaker that will get me over the hump & get me to the line”
  • “what’s my end game, what do I really want, who do I want to become”

At the end of the day, the questions that I have shared can only be answered by you. However to gain the most from Life, questions are a great way to achieve this. If you need a little help kickstarting your answers, I am available to help.

The better the question, the greater the gain.

Can I leave you with this……. ‘Don’t just accept what is…consider what if ‘.…consider & open up all possibilities and have the Belief that you can do it.

be good to yourselves


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17 thoughts on “More Self Discovery Questions for Mid Life “Newbies”

  1. David: Great post and I really loved the encouragement to basically follow your dreams and do what you are passionate about. I think all those questions you listed out are so helpful and can really point us in the right direction. It is all about finding your own truth and then following it. Great post.

  2. The quality of the questions you pose yourself dictate the quality of your life!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the idea of asking myself what-if. It opens up possibilities and requires me to consider options I have not previously thought of. Mid-life doesn’t sound so dead-end after all. It offers much opportunities for growth!

    • No it’s not “dead end” Evelyn, it’s vibrant & enjoyable. Use the correct perspective on Life & you open up the wonders. Of course you can do this at any stage of Life & right through your Life. Don’t just accept things, especially if they are not right for you. Look for better options. Thank you &
      be good to yourself

  4. Hi David,
    Its great to hear such positivity. Its always wonderful to know that there are people in the world who choose to continually better themselves for the good of their personal growth and overall completeness. I’m always telling my dad (who is 66) that life is just beginning for him, although he doesn’t see it that way, I truly do. I too believe that it is never too late to start your journey 🙂

    • Hi Ariana,
      That is terrific that you are encouraging your Dad in such a way. Each moment is a new experience, if we treat it that way. Which means a new journey of sorts can begin with each moment if we let it. Thank you for calling in. Hope to see you again soon.
      be good to yourself

  5. David..this article is right on time for me. Just turning 36 and venturing into a new area in my life right now. I’m excited about the possibilities and am just now starting to tap into my potential. It’s never too late!

    • Hi Kenya,
      Thank you for your comment & it’s lovely to meet you. Be excited Kenya, there’s many possibilities waiting for you. Also thanyou for ‘liking” my FB Page, hopefully you find some value with that. I would love to send you an amazing gift for subscibing to my Blog however we are running a ‘ no frills ‘ show here at the momentso all I can do is again say THANKYOU.
      be good to yourself

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