There are many ways to Self destruct….so don’t try this at home

You are on the way to achieving your Goal. The end is so tantalisingly near, yet…….you do not make it.

You have a great idea for a new project. The creative juices are flowing, yet…….you do not start.

Your speech is ready. You arrive at the lectern, yet…….the words don’t come out.

You line up your putt. It’s only a four footer for the Championship. It’s straight uphill,with no break. Yet…….you miss it.


The voices inside your head get gradually louder. They overtake your thought processes. They win.

What am I talking about here?

“The voices”?…Fear?…. Intimidation?…. Lack of Belief?….

All of them!

They all manifest in different ways however their roots can be traced back to your thought processes. Sounds simple but true, I see this often.

  • It is fair to say that the missed putt could be due to poor technique, noise in the gallery, a leaf blown within eyeshot just as you were stroking the ball. However I say that none of these would matter if your thoughts were focussed on that ball going in. You would hear no noise, your aim would be true, there would be no distractions. You would be in ‘the zone’. Sound right to you?
  • You have researched your speech. Your very first speech. In front of a (seemingly) huge audience. You begin to speak however no words come out. You hear the voice….inside your head….”you are not worthy, you can’t do this” repeating, repeating. Your first speech ends before it started. Your focus wasn’t there. You could have done it if your thoughts were focussed on the ‘end game’ – an audience on it’s feet, applauding.
  • A new project. Bigger & better than before. Can’t wait to get started…….the previous “project” was going to be bigger & better too. It didn’t start. What is going to be different this time? Will the fear of stuffing up come in to play again? Remember…….it was 9 months ago. You finished a project. It was your pride & joy. Yet, the critics panned it. You were laughed at, ridiculed. Remember? You haven’t quite recovered from that, have you? Why try again, you are too scared. Your thoughts are focussed on ‘intimidation’ & ‘fear’ rather than on ‘success’.
  • Finally, I am near to achieving my goal of (you can fill in the blanks). I have worked pretty hard to get this close. Something is holding me back. The closer I feel that I am getting to this goal, the further I seem to be away from it. It’s like an invisible force holding me back. I always get close…….

Not again! If only I believed that I am worthy of achieving this, that I am deserving, if only…….

Fellow Life Lovers, it all starts with a thought. Nurture the positive ones, discard the thoughts that will do you harm. With the positive ones – Think it, believe it, achieve it…….you can do it!

Don’t self destruct but rather construct, build your great Life & stay true to your (positive) thoughts.

be good to yourselves


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15 thoughts on “There are many ways to Self destruct….so don’t try this at home

  1. so wise, so true. Our thoughts do create our life – whether good or bad, failure or success. We can focus on those old tapes of failure and unworthiness or we can step up and claim success, happiness and joy. It truly is within us to choose.
    walk in beauty.

    • Thank you Joss. Our choices are many as are our thoughts. As Mike Dooley says”……….choose the good ones” We often ‘self destruct’ when it is so unnecessary.
      be good to yourself

    • Hi there & thank you for calling in,
      Yeah I hear what you are saying. One problem is we don’t remember everything we think & of course there are plenty of thoughts that float through our air space that should be discarded(& not be believed). I stick with conscious thoughts & work with the good ones, THEN start believing.
      I appreciate your comment &
      be good to yourself

  2. It is so true. There are so many ways to self-distruct yourself and it is all done by the power of the thoughts of your own mind.

    It is nice to have a clear description of all these thought processes which lead to the self destruction of your own goals.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. David,
    I have been there as well. That little nagging voice that has to tell us that nothing will work. It’s wonderful when we can tune that out or even better not allow the negativity to come through at all.

    • Thanks Justin,
      Sometimes the ‘noise’ of negativity gets a little too loud. Changing frequencies to a more positive channel with better thought music, is the move to make. Thanks again for your contribution &
      be good to yourself

  4. So very true. A lot of people are the obstacles of their success because of believing that they cannot make it or setting themselves up for failure. It’s those types of thoughts that really hinders you from becoming a success. 🙂

    I think that we all have had experienced this some time in our lives and having a positive people around you helps.

    • Hi Gabriella,
      thank you for calling in, nice to meet you. Yes, often we need to get out of our own way, loosen up & open up to the possibilities…….which Nancy alluded to.
      be good to yourself

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