A Great Step Forward

Whether it be a baby step or a giant leap, a step forward is a great step..….. in the right direction.

Having yourself idling in Neutral means that you are stagnating. Any thoughts are on hold, they have nowhere to go. They will disappear in to the ether, lost for eternity.

Stepping forward stimulates the mind. It also stimulates the thought processes, “achievement” becomes infinitely more possible.

Stepping forward is great. Stepping in to something unknown often gives me goosebumps…….it also gives me a “kick start”, like bringing a flat car battery to life.

Stepping outside of your comfort cocoon into a world of wonder, achievement, joy, infinite possibilities, love……. is a great step forward.

What’s stopping you from taking that step forward?


Belief/Self Belief is the cornerstone of any positive action. If we don’t believe, then we don’t achieve.

Any “pain” in getting away from your comfort is only temporary, you will get over it.

Ridicule? from whom…….only from others who are afraid to achieve. You’re not afraid, move on & live, forget any ridicule.

Fear is an emotion that will hold you back. Banish the Fear & introduce yourself to “Belief”.

Try it.

‘Belief ‘comes in all shapes & sizes & there is a size just right for you.

Take that Great Step Forward……. Now, who is going to join me?

be good to yourselves


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25 thoughts on “A Great Step Forward

  1. this is me, fear and all, taking a great step forward towards my dream of a healing, retreat for women. Some will ridicule, some will think I’m nuts, but ‘some’ can just think what they want while I move forward with excitement and energy.
    walk in beauty.

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  3. Hi David, Joss suggested we read your thoughts! An excellent suggestion especially as I’m at a point where fer keeps getting in the way. I need to slip out of neutral and get the ‘kick start’ started. Many thanks…Ros

    • Hi Ros,
      Nice to meet you & thank you for your comment. Yes, Life will idle by if we let it though its nice to kick back. Still if we want to get things done, we need to be in gear not neutral.
      be good to yourself

  4. Came by via Joss. Fear and confidence is my big hold up, but little by little I am stepping out of my zone. Actually I’ve taken a few big steps just by realizing that what I fear is all in my head. Hoping to move ahead with a few more “ideas”.

    • Hi SuziCate & Welcome,
      We all have Fears. Simply by acknowledging them is a step forward & you have done that. I often ask myself ” what is the very worst that can happen” when faced with a “fear”.
      You will invariably find that this reduces your “fear” to minor proportions (except for skydiving).
      thanks for calling in, hope to see you again,
      be good to yourself

  5. One of those great synchronicities 🙂 Last Friday I posted about taking one good step, especially when we don’t really know what else to do. I have to say when I wrote the piece, I was remembering a time when I didn’t have faith in myself – or anything or anyone else. But taking just one step in a good direction…one right after the other….created a great shift in my life over time.

    • Thank you Grace,
      For both commenting & sharing “your step”. I enjoyed reading your article. Lovely ‘dawn’ photo, where is it?
      Keep taking those steps.
      be good to yourself

      • Thank you for visiting me 🙂 and I’m glad you enjoyed the piece – just as I did yours, very much. I particularly liked your statement “Belief comes in all shapes and sizes…” That is so true!

        The photo of the dawn sky was taken outside of my home at the time, that I lovingly referred to as The Tree House. It took up the entire 2nd story of the condominium building, up on a hillside, and the view from every window was through the tall trees that grew along the property. I snapped this one morning as I was getting ready for a walk.

  6. I’m with you my friend – great post – FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real….
    Step out and jump – the adventure is usually amazing!

    In love and light,

  7. I’m with you in making the Great Step forward. I’ve been losing my fears over time but there’s more to go!! It will be awesome to feel more and more liberated from the fears that have been holding me back.

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