13 things to Love about your Mid Life

Life is a Journey.

Mid Life is an Adventure.

Join me for our intimate Love fest, just you & me. The adventure is now beginning.

I have spoken before about mid-life adventure and also asked questions about mid-life journeys. At the end of the day, I believe it’s all about learning & discovery and having huge amounts of Fun while you are at it.

Here are  13 of my top “Loves” about the mid life years. They may apply to you as well. Why thirteen? No particular reason. (There are many more, maybe share later) –

  • I have worldly experience to use & to share & to contribute
  • The questions that have bothered me before are now bringing answers…….magically it seems
  • Greater self awareness…….I have become more aware of who I really am (eek!)
  • My passion for Life has become more “real”…….I can now taste it, embrace it & touch it
  • The sun is always shining
  • I fit in to my own view of the world
  • Fitness & good health are now top priorities & I can see, feel & enjoy the benefits
  • I answer to no one other than myself
  • I have finally become aware of my own “personal power” & the magic that it generates
  • I have learned to value my marriage (of 30 years) & value the growth of my children
  • I enjoy my mistakes. Previously I just saw them as ‘mistakes’…….now I know better
  • I have an acquired taste for good coffee and meaningful conversation
  • My Imagination has no limits, it often runs wild…….I love it

* I am biased. Mid Life is golden. It can also disappear, fast.

* Grab it, hold it, embrace it, feel it, touch it, love it, learn from it…….enjoy it!

What do you love about your mid life? Don’t be afraid to share.

be good to yourselves


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10 thoughts on “13 things to Love about your Mid Life

  1. I love your list. When I turned 40, I remember thinking “I’m a grown up now. No one can tell me what to do” Now that I am in my fifties and a crone, my list looks a lot like yours. I love being at this stage of my life.
    walk in beauty.

  2. What do I love about mid-life??

    Living life with a sense of urgency as you become very cognizant of the fact that you’ve got one shot at this thing called Life. Better go out and really live it.

    Going after what you love and what brings you Joy.

    Caring less and less about what others think.

    Shedding some of those inhibitions.

    Taking in the moment.

    A much greater sense of appreciation and gratitude.

  3. After 40 making choices became a lot easier than before …
    It is amazing how much and easy I still can learn new things. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if I would have know 10 years ago what I know how much my life would be different … and than I notice that young people actually live with new skills I did not had yet at their age ….
    And than I’m wondering whether is just me thinking like that or is it the whole world changing faster and faster …

    • Hi Marc,
      Thanks for calling in. Yes it seems that the pace has quickened. Info is capable of being received & absorbed much easier & quicker than when you & I were younger. We also have info at our fingertips & can increase our pace if we have the will. Keep on learning Marc. We can only do the best that we can do. Grab the opportunities…….Mid life is a great time, enjoy!
      be good to yourself

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