It’s hard enough being Me, let alone someone that I’m not

Why can't I be like you?

You know fellow adventurers, I get sick to death of people trying to be someone else. You hear comments like….

  • “I wish I could be like him/her”
  • “I wish I had his/her success”
  • “If only I had his/her looks”
  • If only I could have the life that he/she does
  • If only I could play like him/her

And the really sad thing is…….people will continue to daydream & ignore what they have within. Developing yourself is a long process regardless of what all the wiz bang ‘experts’ say. It is a difficult job, it is hard, it takes time…….however it’s worth it!

Self Acceptance is mandatory. After all, you are you. There is no mistake. Living your Life being solely influenced by ‘external factors/people’ is a mirage. It’s not real.

Create your own reality by being you & you only. Play your own games, visualise & then live your own Life. And the great thing about this game is…….you will never tire of it. It’s an ongoing game of imagination, learning & fun, just by playing the part of you.

Now I did say earlier that this was “hard”. Yep but the hardest bit is letting go of the “externals” & embrace the “internals”, of you. Set them free, be yourself. I also said that it takes a long time. OK, what I meant was that it can take a long time to realise that you are playing someone else’s game, not your own. Wake up…….

It’s never too late to start playing your own game.

Are you being you or are you trying to be someone else?

Be good to yourselves


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13 thoughts on “It’s hard enough being Me, let alone someone that I’m not

  1. David, thanks for the good reminder. This is something that I struggle with. Have a very critical inner voice and I’m always wondering if others approve of me. Thanks for your uplifting message!

  2. Hi David! What a wonderful site. What I love about this post — the idea of playing our way into the life we want. Visualize, imagine, just like when we were kids — “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s still possible! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Elle B,
      Thank you for your kind comments. We lose track of our childhood ideals/fantasies as we grow older. Why? It’s never too late & you’re never too old to visualise. Just Imagine……. You can only be you, try & be the best you that you can.
      Be good to yourself

  3. Hi David,
    When I first started my blog I was trying to emulate another successful blogger that had been in the game for years. I soon changed that to being myself and writing from the heart.

    Be someone important, be ourselves.

  4. David, thank you for your website. This is the truth that everyone needs to find. But they can only find it when they let go of everyone else’s expectations and live for what is in their heart.

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