The problem is in the Question OR There are no problems only Questions


How often do you question your actions, beliefs, your Life? To learn & grow we must ask questions.

Therefore a potential problem……. what questions to ask?

  • What questions will allow you to grow?
  • Do your questions pose more problems than answers?

However without problems there are no questions. So having “problems” is a necessity of Life. The quality of our Questions will determine the quality of our Answers. The better the answer, the easier the “problem” is solved and growth occurs.

Simple eh?

Understanding the value of great questions enhances the experience. Questions with meaning that is. The questions that will give true meaning to your Life.

These types of questions will add value to you & to those with whom you come in to contact.

What questions have you been asking of yourself lately?….OR

Do you have questions that you should be asking?

Be good to yourselves


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10 thoughts on “The problem is in the Question OR There are no problems only Questions

  1. Great thought post my friend,

    I was asking myself questions last night and that is the only way to growth – first to know that there is a problem and then to ask the questions to create change.

    Living in the possibilities,

  2. I often ask too many questions. Sometimes it seems to be a blessing, and others, a curse. My father has always told me to just live, go with the flow, and learn a little more before you ask those questions. Me, I love to have those concrete facts. I love to know things. For certain. For sure. For truth.

    You’re talking about good questions too. Sometimes my questions aren’t always the best.

    • Hi Christian,
      Appreciate you stopping by & commenting. Life is certainly about learning as your father said. That’s fine as long as you are learning the right things, that is the right things for you. Though it is fair to say that we can learn a lot from our mistakes. I believe that You will eventually find your truth by asking the right questions and learning from the right people. It might not happen overnight but it will happen.
      Be good to yourself

  3. Previously, I would never bother to question. For instance, I simply accepted that life is about struggle and that it’s ok to be miserable. I have since learned to question some of my beliefs and to know that I have the power to choose differently.

  4. Often I think I ask myself too many questions and of late I have started answering the questions I have with actions instead of more questions…so far so good 🙂

    • Thank you Beverley. Questions are certainly important, answers & actions even more so. Maybe pace yourself so the question/answer ratio is not overloaded. Keep up the great work, appreciate your comment. Look forward to seeing you again.
      Be good to yourself

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