40 – 60 your Age of Learning & Discovery (Part 1)

With your indulgence, I will borrow a paragraph or two from a previous post of mine  to set the scene so to speak , for this post……”Often men & women entering their 40′s start to reflect on what they have achieved in  life, where their life has gone & what they are going to do with the rest of their lives.  “Is there something else?” is a common call from those who are stuck in a rut currently and are unsure in which direction to head.

This phenomena of mid-life crisis is felt by many & for varying reasons. The thought that half your Life has gone is scary. The thought that the next half of your Life is around the corner & you have no plans to live it, is even more scarier!”…….

The term “Mid life crisis” may be harsh however it is used as an illustration of the period in our lives that ‘Life’ decision making does become critical.

More importantly, this I believe is a golden period of your Life, 40-60. It is one to be cherished, embraced and ……lived!

To live effectively & passionately, one must learn. Learn more about your capabilities. Learn & discover more about Life. Discover more about yourself. In other words, don’t just sit back & let it happen. You are at the peak of your powers…….

Take this great opportunity to set the tone for the rest of your Life!

Learning is something that we were very used to e.g school education. However it is something that we may have discarded to a certain degree as we have grown older.

  • Making a personal committment to ‘life long learning’ will ensure that “self-discovery paths” are created.

To learn , one must also cultivate the art of questioning…....yourself.

Asking yourself the right questions enables clearer, well defined answers, unlocking your potential, freeing yourself to explore the endless possibilities that surround you.

  • Developing this enquiring mind requires committment & patience which may coincidentally be in itself, a discovery, for some. It will be worth it in the long run. Stick with it.

What are you learning & discovering about yourself?

* Part 2 will further explore this stage of Life…….

Be good to yourselves


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4 thoughts on “40 – 60 your Age of Learning & Discovery (Part 1)

  1. So true David! I know for myself – I have truly lived in the last 2 years during challenges in life – always turning the negative into the positive!

    Living in the possibilities,

  2. David – I think your most important point came at the end of your post – “Be Good To Yourselves.”

    After the years of raising a family, many times also holding a full time job and even at times assisting our aging parents we find it hard to be good to ourselves.

    By this time in our lives we are so accustomed to caring for others we forget about ourselves.

    After 40 is a wonderful time in the lives of those who seek to make it so.

    • Hi Ellene,
      Thanks for your kind words. ‘Be good to yourself/ves’ is my often used sign off. I believe it is apt as yes, we do ignore ourselves too often. If we don’t look after ourselves, it is difficult to look after others. Enjoy & be good to yourself

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