3 Rules of Engagement – with Yourself


Firstly a question….”How do you talk to yourself?” No, I’m not suggesting that you’re nuts…..I’m talking about your internal dialogue. I went a little crazy with my last post but hopefully this contains a bit more sanity(and make some sense at the same time). The last post did have a message though.

“Self talk” has the ability to make us or sabotage us. Nothing else matters or has that same effect on us. I believe that you either give yourself positive self talk, or negative self talk.

That sounds pretty simplistic, I hear you say. That’s where you are probably right. In essence it is pretty simple, we just make it ‘hard’. We have a choice, either way, however there are circumstances that need to be overcome – conditioning Beliefs.

During ‘Life’ we are conditioned by events and the people immediately around us. This can be a very complex area and I don’t intend going deep here because I may start to drown. I’ll leave that to others more qualified.

Simply put if I may, you are conditioned by negative influences or positive ones. Either way, most of these “conditioning factors” stay with you from a very early age – unless you do something about them(the negative ones) – “Choice” then comes in to play. You need to become aware of the ones that are dragging you down/holding you back.

When “self talking”, I suggest these3 Rules be always kept in mind:

Rule 1……never put yourself down……regardless of the negative conditioning you may have received, you are special, treat yourself accordingly

Rule 2…..look for the good in everything/everyone……..there are a lot of downsides in Life but many more upsides. Look hard enough & you will find them

Rule 3……you Can do it, trust yourself…….when you have been told a million times “that can’t be done/you can’t do that”, you start to believe it……Don’t

As a Life Coach, I have listened to many “stories”. The stories that I hear, often have a common denominator –  The story teller/client has a long term conditioning factor that has been destructive without them knowing.  This conditioning or Belief more often than not involves at least one of the above “rules”. The Rule(s) has not been allowed a place in their thoughts therefore their “self talk” has been compromised.

Now a story that I would like to leave you with…… If you are struggling with “negative conditioning”, you can strengthen your Life by engaging with the inner you. There is a positive you yearning to break out……if you allow it. There is so much to be positive about.

Engage with positive people, engage with positive thoughts & discard the negative influences that currently surround you. It is your choice and it can be done.

Be good to yourselves


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3 thoughts on “3 Rules of Engagement – with Yourself

    • Hi again Angela,
      Appreciate your kind comments. Engaging with positivity & positive people is so much better than the alternative. “Tweets” are at foot of page along with other “shares”. I am not a twitter myself however please tweet away.
      Be good to yourself

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