Is there a Lunatic inside your Head?

I’ve gone a little crazy for this post. It”s a somewhat different take on things, a different angle or perspective if you like……..

#What’s that you say?…..I thought I heard a voice. # Nah, can’t be?

You know, that nagging “voice” which is trying to interrupt your concentration. You are  focussing but there is something else lurking in your subconscious, trying to get to the surface………it appears some lunatic is attempting to sabotage your thoughts OR is that same “lunatic” just trying to get your attention?

Which “lunatic” is it…..Good Lunatic or Bad Lunatic?

The Good Lunatic may at first seem a little crazy, a little different, make a lot of noise but hey, isn’t that the world that we live in? full of noise, distraction. Maybe that’s why he/she is making so much noise……to get your attention in the first instance.

Unnecessary distraction & noise take us away from our Main Game. There are (numerous) times when I have  needed a “good lunatic” to get me back on track. A Voice prepared to give me a good “kicking” when required. A Voice to rise above the noise of everyday Life and at the same time, respect my need for quietness when the time to pause for some deep thought & introspection is required

However, there is also the “bad lunatic” voice, which can be much more subtle(at first). Quietly whispering in your ear. The soothing sounds of self destruction. He/she sneeks up on you, becomes your “friend”, gently offering support & encouragement……..only to eventually get you derailed!

Then the  “bad” becomes “real bad”. He/she ups the volume. The gentle soothing whispers become noisier, more persistent. You have difficulty hearing anything else, this “lunatic” is gaining control & is blocking out the voice of reason, commonsense, practicality and the quiet of deep personal thought.

# Which “lunatic” do you want or have inside your head?

(How do you choose, how do you know which “voice” is the one for you.)

Sadly, many are unaware of the voice within the inner guiding light, intuition, cosmic power source, universal thought line or whatever tag you would like to apply. So for many, there is a lunatic running loose in the asylum. A distracting noise aimed at your self destruction.

The Key, I believe is knowing your inner voice, it’s vulnerabilities and it’s power(when it’s good & when it’s bad). Knowing your inner voice & it’s behaviour, will give you more self control and the ability to be your true self, rather than have a “lunatic” in charge of your life.

Be good to yourselves


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5 thoughts on “Is there a Lunatic inside your Head?

  1. Great analogy my friend,

    When we know ourselves then we can distinguish between the bad and good lunatic voices in our head. The key is to be TRUE to yourself first. When these voices come into your head, ask yourself – “where is this coming from?” The key is to knowing where these voices are coming from, the past, the unknown, the fears within us?

    I like to think I have the good lunatic in my head and when the bad creeps in I have fed the good lunatic so well that I will know the bad lunatic right away.

    Living in the possibilities,


    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks again for your comment. I had some trouble with this post, wondering where it was taking me. In the end , I think it poses some worthy questions. P.s I’d be confident Nancy that the good lunatic is aboard your train.
      Be good to yourself

  2. Hi David,
    I grew up with that lunatic in my head – and she comes back for uninvited visits once in a while too. If we really stop and think about what we’re saying to ourselves we’d be shocked. Would we speak to our best friend this way? Learning to love ourselves and treat ourselves with the respect we’d give others is the key to living a more “sane” and happy life. Thanks for pointing out that we have a “lunatic” living in our heads! That reminds me – I have to kick mine out a again!

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