21 Self Discovery Questions to enrich your mid life Journey


Around the age of 40, your perspective on Life often changes (or not for some). For some (good) reason our Thoughts turn to the 2nd half of our lives and how we can continue/start to enjoy or improve our lot…..it did for me at least.  I’d like to throw a few questions at you for your consideration, fascination, procrastination, motivation or what other “ation” grabs your fancy.

Can these questions (I’m sure there are more) get your minds percolating with fresh effervescent ideas? or at least, to take a good look at where you’re currently at & where you would like to be?……I hope so.

  • How do I really want to live the rest of my Life
  • What impact on myself, my significant others do I want to make in the next 10 years
  • What’s vitally important to me Now
  • What, if any changes do I need to make
  • What support will I need if I decide to make changes
  • who will be affected(by my changes)
  • Are my Belief systems valid, up to date or need renewal
  • What are my top 3 personal Values that I want to live my Life by
  • How can I improve my health & fitness
  • how much of my potential am I prepared to tap in to
  • am I happy
  • Is my Love strong enough
  • what Life Goals do I need to set
  • do my skills need upgrading
  • what new skills do I wish to learn
  • what are my passions
  • what am I prepared to do to achieve the Life of my dreams
  • what am I prepared to forego to achieve………
  • how can I share myself, my passions, my skills with others
  • How do I see myself, my self perception
  • what is my perception of the World….do I fit in or do I want to

* Well, have these helped or hindered? 

    Let me know your thoughts.……

Be good to yourselves


The Mid Life Coach

Helping You take the action You need to take.

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15 thoughts on “21 Self Discovery Questions to enrich your mid life Journey

  1. Great questions to ask ourselves my friend or a least give some consideration. My favorite 2 are; “Am I Happy” and “Is my Love Strong Enough”…..

    Thank you for giving us a platform to contemplate some great questions to better ourselves,

    Living in the possibilities,

  2. Hi, David! Thanks for visiting my blog! Especially because now I have found yours. Lots of great material here. All excellent questions in this post. I look forward to reading more. Hope you’ll stop by again. –Galen

  3. It’s good to always stop once in a while in our busy life to ask ourselves these questions – just to counter check whether we’re going in the direction of our life mission and vision. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. I can certainly relate to this post (I turn 43 this year). At this point in time I am quite happy with my life – even though I haven’t achieved all my goals. Despite this, I can look at all the good things in my life, and all the goals I did achieve, and I am very satisfied and grateful for this. Thanks for the post David.

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