Helloooo – Is anybody out there?


This is a “shorty” however hopeful passes the test of my wonderful readers & new found friends. It’s a lovely Saturday morn here in the land of Aus & I just couldn’t help myself………

  • Do you sometimes think that no one is taking any notice of you?
  • You’ve got a message to deliver & no one seems to care?

Maybe you are trying to talk to the wrong people?…..

Don’t worry, at least 50% of people on our planet “don’t get it”…that’s my best assumption anyway (it’s probably higher).

Maybe your message isn’t “cool”?….to the 50% who don’t get it or the 50% who do get it?…..hmmm, that could be a problem.

I know!….Step up the PASSION.

Passionate people find a way to tune in to what’s happening around them.

So if your message is real, is from the heart, then I would be confident to say that your true audience will tune in to what you have to say.

So don’t worry (be happy), be passionate! and keep your ‘message’ flowing.

Be good to yourselves


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