Nothing to do?…….do Something anyway

A Question………who has achieved something by doing nothing?…..Well?

I always work on the premise “do something, do anything” when you feel stuck.

P.S This is after your mandatory ‘pause & reflect’ stage. If you are still stuck, then do something……….

Getting your mind stimulated by activity will provide a flow on effect and allow you to get back in to the groove. How quickly, will however be up to you but it’s better than doing nothing.

Look, we all have our flat spots from time to time. However, prolonged idleness to me indicates “lack”.

From this perspective of lack we may then create “scarcity”, scarcity of choice, scarcity of awareness. This then limits us. It limits our ability to function in the best way that we can. For ourselves, our family, loved ones, everyone!

Our personal power is diminished……..poor place to be in & difficult to recover from.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss” as the saying goes, however…….a stationery one gathers crap by the bucketload.

I guess if you want to be a ‘crap gatherer’ then do nothing.

If you rather someone else be the gatherer of crap & anything else that limits personal growth & “feel good”, then do something, anything to get your mind stimulated.

You have a choice.

Has this got you thinking or moving?

Be good to yourselves


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2 thoughts on “Nothing to do?…….do Something anyway

  1. So true my friend – it surely is all a choice and it’s up to us. I rather do something then to do nothing. An idle brain wanders too much. Best to keep it busy and active. Now of course, there is the time for mediation and quieting the brain and that’s okay too!

    Living in the possibilities,

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