Are you in the Flow or is Life just a trickle?

Has your flow slowed to a trickle?…..I’m not talking about secret men’s business here. I’m talking about the overall flow of your Life.

It’s great being in the flow however we all must acknowledge that sometimes it gets plugged.

I don’t mean just day to day flow like for example this post. It started with a thought on the weekend, wrote a few lines, then ‘lost my flow’. I’ve revisited a few times before final completion or at least as completed as it’s going to be. So my day to day flow can get interrupted(constantly) & I need to get back on track.

More specifically, what I would like to throw open to the Universe is some thoughts on Life Flow… Are you stuck(not moving), trickling along(just getting by) or sailing through Life?

If you’re not flowing then I suggest you look at ways  to get unplugged asap and not create a dam.

So what is ‘the flow’? …To me (when I am in it), it is an effortless movement. I am aware of my Thoughts and am able to harness them to their maximum effect. My Life is prioritised for me, it seems without a specific written down schedule…..I just know what to do next.

‘The flow’ may be different for you however you no doubt will feel the good vibes, you will feel your personal power and be in a state of positive action & vitality.

So what can slow our Life flow to a trickle?…….Three ‘Majors’ in my opinion

  • Negative situations & people – these are toxic to our flow, avoid at all costs. I know that’s easier said than done however at least minimise these effects. But there will come a time when you must cut ties if you wish to survive
  • Lack of meaningful goals/objectives. These get your heart racing & the flow moving. Without them, your Lifeis stop start, no rhythm.
  • Your thoughts…….lack of, lack of awareness of, too many negatives

Obvious question next. How do we get in to the flow? I don’t know for sure. People are different. However firstly I am confident that if you take note of the above ‘3 Majors’, your trickle will turn in to a flow.

Secondly can I throw some random key words in to the mix. Use them, live them & they may liven your flow or at least get your flow moving rather than trickling;

  • Fun, joy, happiness, positive thoughts
  • Exhilaration, singing heart, passion
  • Imagination, purpose, love
  • care, share, kindness

I would love to hear what gets you flowing rather than trickling through Life.

Be good to yourselves


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5 thoughts on “Are you in the Flow or is Life just a trickle?

  1. When my flow slows to a trickle or comes to a stop, I notice things like: I haven’t been journalling, I haven’t had enough alone time, I’ve been spending time with negative people who sap my energy, I’ve not been eating well. So I do my best to ensure those things are a constant in my day. When I think of flow, I always say “be the river”. Perhaps because I live beside a river. The river flows, always, over, under, around, and doesn’t question where it all leads. It flows on.
    walk in beauty.

  2. Living in the amazing possiblities of life gets me flowing my friend – so much opportunities out there – no time to waste on TV but to live with purpose and flow….I love the river analogy – we all have our own path and our own journey’s and it’s so important to observe and not push people into life lessons – we are to be like water – the river and flow…

    In gratitude,

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