Who moved the Goal Posts?

Have you ever been on track with a task or goal and found that just when you thought you were finished, the rules were changed? OR should I say how many times has this happened to you?

Have you been the culprit? You’ve set yourself a Goal & changed the rules for whatever reason…….made it easier, gave up, too hard?

I love to reach goals. The sense of achievement is overwhelming……then something else happens…..I want more! More achievement, more satisfaction. No, that’s not strong enough. I want more exhilaration! However what happens when the Goal Posts are moved?

Firstly, who moved them…….you or some other external influence?

If it is you, then the good news is that you can do something about it. I suggest you sit down & review your intial goal setting & determine whether it was SMART in the first place.

Yes, I know that sometimes there are “detours”...(I often get sidetracked). These are allowable provided that you keep your ‘goal posts’ in sight & don’t wander too far because the overall ‘direction’ stll has to be maintained. You still need to focus to a high degree on the “SMART’s” if you want to achieve meaningful goals.

However, if an ‘external influence/s’ is the cause, deeper introspection is required. Why has this been allowed to happen? What external influences or factors are in play here? Are they other people, lack of support, particular events happening in your life or to those around you?

But more importantly, are they within my control?….If “yes”, reset your path(revisiting the SMART principle would be good) and move forward.

If “no”, reset, learn and move forward anyway. There are more goals to achieve and you need to maintain your momentum. There’s always a lesson to be learned and there are always some things that will be outside your control. Maybe next time you will be more the wiser when faced with an ‘external factor’ trying to move your Goal Posts……and if you are the culprit, then play it SMART.

Be good to yourselves


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6 thoughts on “Who moved the Goal Posts?

  1. I think we’ve all asked that question eh? Who moved the darn goalposts? Having and learning life skills to deal with those times is what makes all the difference though. Thank you for the help you provide and for your caring heart.

    • Thanks Joss,
      I like to pose questions and get people to (hopefully) think about their Life situations. If it provides help as well, that’s great. Appreciate your support.
      Be good to yourself, David….& keep the Goal posts in sight

  2. I love your analogy with your goal posts – that is clever my friend! The goal posts are usually there in our site but at times we do get distracted and life events do happen. At times, we think that goal was so important and then with the passing of moments it doesn’t seem as important of a goal to reach…funny how life happenings and events can change our pace in life.

    In fact, I was to move to Chicago this week and a few weeks ago decided, not a smart move but will move to Carolina Beach, NC instead…

    Living in the possibilities,

    • Hi Nancy
      Had a peek at your blog yesterday, nice job. Seeing it was addressed to “girlfriends” wasn’t sure if I was ‘eligible’ to comment. Yes the goal posts often shift. At the end of the day it will depend on how meaningful the goal and how meaningful our intent to achieve the goal.
      Be good to yourself
      P.S Good luck with your move. NC would be better climate than Chicago I would have thought?

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