The Power and the Passion

Or should I say…..’The Power of your Passion’

You see without true passion, your Life lacks power, punch, motivation. If you want a passionate Life you must want to get out of bed in the morning. You must want to embrace each & every day .

It’s the ‘passion’ that keeps me going. I have my ups & downs like many. However when I have my ‘flat times’, I think with passion. This kicks my motivation in to gear and action occurs.

Is it the correct action? Sometimes ‘Yes’ & sometimes ‘No’, however action nonetheless. Passion gets you moving, it’s up to you in which direction.

What is Passion? To me it’s many things………..

  • It’s the tingling of my senses, an awakening if you like
  • the ‘magic’ of being fully alive, a feeling of extreme vitality
  • the need to express myself, immediately
  • a sense of invincibility, nothing will stand in my way
  • friendship, love, guilt
  • achievement
  • guaranteed success
  • sharing & caring
  • wanting to live forever

As I said in a recent Facebook post….”Life without passion is like Coke without the fizz…..c’mon live it up”

Passion is your power, your very own personal power. Find your passion in Life, it can be one or many things. When you find it, embrace it and take action……. and don’t forget to share your passion with those still struggling to find theirs. The more passionate people creates a more passionate world.

Be good to yourselves


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5 thoughts on “The Power and the Passion

  1. Hello My friend,
    I love your PASSION and you write with PASSION! I’m with you on finding your passion and moving forward – the unfortunate thing is that some people don’t even know what their passion is…..
    Living in the possibilities,

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