A Change of Pace

For this post, I want you to take time from your world of ‘busyness’ and adopt a change of pace. At least for the time that it takes for you to ‘scan’ this post, so I will keep it brief.

I would like you to slow down for a bit, pause & reflect on where your Life has been going. What is your Life like now? What are you likely to be doing tomorrow, next week, next year………?

Now imagine all your worries are gone, but a distant memory. ….. imagine what you will be doing with your Life, who you will be with, friends, family, lovers, life partners. Imagine that there will be FUN.

What will you be thinking, for it is your thoughts that will determine your present & your future.

What meaning or purpose will you be living your Life by? If unsure, tap in to the “inner you”, seek guidance……… for a Life without meaning is no Life at all.

Slow down & give yourself a break………even if only for a few minutes.

Be good to yourselves

David……………also @ www.davidstevenslifecoach.com.au


4 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. Thank you for the reminder David – thought particles travel faster than the speed of light so our thoughts are quite powerful – life on purpose and with meaning. I like it!
    May the possibilities of today excite you!

    • Hi Nancy, Nice to speak with you again so soon. I’m glad you liked my post. May the infinite possibilities continue! BTW ‘Infinite Possibilities” by Mike Dooley is a great read if you can get your hands on a copy.
      Be good to yourself, David

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