Drawing a Line in the Sand

  • How much do you put up with?
  • How much do you want to put up with?

There comes a point in one’s Life when enough is enough. This can relate to what you do……. and what others do to you.

Do you want to keep playing ‘the victim’?

Are you happy to be mediocre rather than great?

Do you put up with unnecessary crap? or any crap for that matter.

Do you lack the freedom to express yourself?

Are you choice poor?……Time to draw a line in the sand………now

No more crap, no more mediocrity, no more lack of choice, no more ‘victim’. ……Reclaim your Life!

Stand up for what you want & Live………

Now, is it time for you to draw a line in the sand?

Be good to yourselves


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2 thoughts on “Drawing a Line in the Sand

  1. Saw your comment to Jonathan on Advanced Life Skills and saw this blog post – Line in the Sand. I so love this saying of drawing a line in the sand. It’s so true – how much do you want to put up with. I feel that if you live in the truth – truth to self – then you draw the line in the sand and you don’t cross it.

    Thank you for this reminder this morning,

    • Thanks for your comment Nancy, much appreciated. If we all stood up for our truth & reached our full potential, our lives would be so much more enriched. And the lives of those around us.
      Be good to yourself

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