5 Passionate Ideals for Living your Life

Living with Passion is mind blowing. There are so many passionate people on this earth yet there are so many more who are either 1. Still seeking the key to a life filled with passion OR 2. Don’t know that a passionate Life can be available to them.

I would like to share with you 5 of my passionate ideals for living a Life to enjoy.

1. Discover what is really important to you…….I mean really important. This requires serious introspection. This may take time however it is seriously worth it!…..look at your Beliefs, are they serving you, are they ‘out of date’?…..your Values, what are they, are you living them? Only after you have questioned & evaluated your Values & Beliefs can you begin the path to what is really important in your Life.

2. A sense of Direction…….. where are you going with your Life? Are you at the mercy of others, their needs, their wishes. Is the pathway blurred Or is the pathway clear of major obstacles and ready for you to navigate toward your end goals? The latter is more desirable, you need to know where you are going, what you want to achieve and it needs to be your journey……no excess baggage please.

Start with a broad perspective. Allow for ‘detours’ which may uncover some marvellous opportunities not previously thought of. You can then ‘narrow down’  your discoveries to  form your  most desirable outcomes as your journey unfolds.

3. Having meaningful goals……..not any goals but goals with passion, with substance, with bite. Goals that will set you alight, will make your heart sing, will add substance to your life, your existence, your legacy. Drill down to your core, what really matters to you? Set the bar to the max, add some real meaning to your Life.

4. Your Thoughts must be Positive………your thoughts determine your actions therefore your outcomes. We are always thinking, believe it or not. Everything you are currently doing, will do today, this week are determined by your thoughts. So why not think positively, think for the good, it will change your Life…..try it.

5.  Imagination………….without it you have restrictions, barriers to your existence in this Life. With it you have freedom. Freedom to choose your path, freedom from mediocrity, freedom to be great! There are no boundaries to your Imagination. ….”Imagination is greater then knowledge.” Albert Einstein….use your imagination to create a life with no limits but endless joy.

I imagine being in a vast space with happy, smiling people…..what do you Imagine?

Be good to yourselves


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