The Freedom to have Choice……..

…………and the Choice to have Freedom.

  • Freedom from a mediocre Life
  • Freedom from mindless television
  • Freedom from mindless people
  • Freedom to be who I want to be
  • Freedom to live in  a World with endless possibilities
  • Freedom to have a voice
  • Freedom to stand up for what I believe in
  • Freedom from negative thoughts
  • Freedom from negative people/influences
  • Freedom to be great
  • Freedom to be kind & caring
  • Freedom from a ‘victim mentality’
  • Freedom to be creative
  • Freedom to be passionate about Life
  • Freedom to be ‘me’
  • Freedom to be………………….

All of the above “Freedoms” are available to you… have a “Choice” to exercise these “Freedoms”. The only thing stopping you from making that Choice is You.

Please feel free to add to this list……………….

When you do,  match each Freedom with a corresponding “Choice” to positively affect this Freedom.  e.g, “I want the Freedom to be great” – positive affirmation – “I choose to be great”

What Choices are you going to make about your Life?

Be good to yourselves


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