Another Theory goes Bang….a case of a misspent Life

There are numerous theories  recorded throughout history. We learned about many of them during our schooling.

Then we have our own theories about this and that. Many of these relate to how we navigate our way through Life..….and then there are conspiracy theories, we’ll leave that one alone.

With our own lives, we gather information from varying sources e.g, our parents, our peers, self help books, media, friends and our daily observations. We then tend to “theorise” how things work you know…….. life in general, the Universe, right & wrong, how to become successful & wealthy etc,

A friend of mine, Trevor used to have a great theory. If he worked hard, got noticed by the Boss, worked overtime, didn’t take most of his holidays then he would be promoted.  His employers would look after him. “They like people who put in that extra effort” said Trevor.

He reasoned(theorised) that he would also get numerous pay rises due to his extra diligence, be able to look after his loving wife and children and retire with a nice sum of money………good theory.

For a few years, things were going quite well for Trevor at work, his “theory” was working…….at home it was becoming different. Family life suffered because of Trevor’s “extra diligence” at work, they rarely saw him,……..theory now looking a little shaky.

A few months later, ‘the deal breaker’, Trevor was retrenched…….theory now shot to pieces – BANG.

Trevor now theorises “that life sucks”.

From Trevor’s perspective, life is looking perilous on two fronts 1. lack of employment therefore lack of promotion therefore lack of pay (rise)…….retiring with a nice sum of money looks unlikely 2. Trevor needs to patch up his family life

What would you do in Trevor’s situation?…. Continue to lament that “life sucks”? OR create a new “theory”?……a paradigm shift if you will.

You see, Trevor relied largely on his main theory outlined in this post. So when it went ‘Bang’………..he was lost, Life sucked. I guess we can over theorise on Life. Keeping it simple has it’s benefits.

We get a few ‘bumps’ or ‘bangs’ in our Lives that  should cause us to think about our “theories” on Life………… What really matters. It’s an individual thing however it’s worth considering very carefully. You only have one shot at this Life so why not make it a great one.

Can you relate to Trevor’s story? Does life suck for you or have you turned it around?

Be good to yourselves



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