The Magic in Your Life

There is magic in all of us. Sometimes it takes a while to surface or become obvious. For some people, they can live a lifetime and still not bring “their magic” to life. This is sad.

What is your Magic? How best can you reveal your magic to the world?

By revealing our magic, we make the world a better place. We all have the ability to “touch others” in a magical way.

However, firstly we need to discover our own magic.

By listening to your thoughts, your intuitive self…….by peeling back your defences, by reflecting, by being still of mind, by being kind to yourself AND others, by experiencing & being involved in Life, by contributing to community, by understanding others AND yourself………………slowly and surely your Magic will be revealed.

What is your Magic?…….don’t hide it, share it !

Be good to yourselves

David…….please visit me


3 thoughts on “The Magic in Your Life

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