“They” have a lot to answer for

Who are “they”?…’they” certainly have a lot to answer for in our lives. Apparently “they” determine  our thoughts, our actions, our responses to many situations that we face………but who are “they”?

How many times have you heard….”they say that”, “they say this” , “they reckon(think) this”? Admittedly this is one of my pet grievances. I mean, you can have your own opinion, you can determine your own actions & responses. You do not need to be swayed by “they”……stand up for yourself!

Whenever you are asked a question, say what you think….. not what “they” think.

Are you allowing “they” to rule your world?

P.S Brighter topic next post.

Be good to yourselves

David…… for “cheerier” overtones you can visit me @ www.davidstevenslifecoach.com.au


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