A Question of Priorities

What really matters?

In my previous post Make Time for your Life, I mentioned the “precious now moments” should be prioritised as ‘time critical’. Maybe easier said than done you might say, (but why make it easy?)however  I do consider these as a true essence of our lives. Therefore find a way to make them happen.

During our Lives, certain things  gain priorities over others. How do we then determine our priorities? Is it something that we think about or is it something that just happens? What factors are involved?

In this brief post, can I suggest that you make some time to think about your priorities. I’m talking about your Life priorities……. Are there barriers, self imposed or otherwise preventing you from achieving more? Is ‘life’s busyness’ taking over? Are you connected with family, friends? Do you make time for yourself? What Goals do you have?

There’s always a Question of Priorities…………what are Yours?

Be good to yourselves


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