9 Cool things to discover after you turn 40

Brace yourself for the most exciting time of your Life so far…….beyond 40.

I have survived my forties and found this time of my Life to be the most rewarding and at the same time, the most challenging.

There are many cool things that you can discover about You and Life in general. I’ve included my top 9, maybe it’s time for you to discover your cool things in Life after 40.  I discovered……….

  • You still have time to undo the mistakes of the previous 40 years
  • Getting fitter was addictive and enjoyable and Achievable
  • There’s more to Life than the one job I had since I left school
  • The colour grey isn’t that bad after all
  • More choices,  greater respect for myself and others
  • Maturity isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, I’ve still got the ability to act with childish enthusiasm
  • People now ask you questions with the expectation that you have the right answers
  • I can still learn just about anything!
  • Turning 50 is another achievement in the calendar of Life

* What cool things have you discovered since reaching the age of 40?…..Please do not be afraid to share.

Be good to yourselves


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3 thoughts on “9 Cool things to discover after you turn 40

  1. I am far more calm since entering my 40’s. I don’t get rattled very easily any more probably because I have seen and experienced a lot. It is easier to maintain courage under fire if you have been through a few battles.

    I like being 40-something. I am not affraid of aging. I speak with far more conviction. I dont have to ramp up my enthusiasm, it is just there. Forged out of gratitude for the experiences it took 40 years to accumulate.

    Great post.



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