Imagine what’s out there….. it could be a Life without Mediocrity!

I originally posted about “Mediocrity” a few months back, it was one of my earliest posts. Rising above the mediocre is one of my pet subjects so I thought I would re produce the post however with some alteration. Hope you enjoy………
Who wants to be mediocre? Mediocrity is the enemy of greatness yet mediocrity abounds in our daily lives. People want to “fit in, be one of the crowd”, people in general do not want to stand out, be extraordinary, be conspicuous, be great.

Being one of the crowd may have some merit for those who have previously felt isolated, lonely, lack self-esteem. However this is no excuse for the vast majority of us who should know better but seem intent on “just getting through the day”, “making no waves” and all the similar excuses that go with this – classic mediocrity.

That being said, how do we break free of our mediocrity? – We can start by making conscious choices to do so…….. aim higher, raise the bar, dream a little OR a lot, visualise a life, your life that is greater than now.

We can choose to think differently and use our imagination to look at our world through a different set of eyes. Ask yourself, What can I achieve? What if I said “yes I can not no I can’t?”  Imagination converted in to action opens up a lot of  possibilities  i.e the “what if’s” , ‘What could be’s”…….Convert those new found possibilities into probabilities, place the odds back in to your favour.

Einstein said ”Imagination is greater than knowledge”. Use your imagination to create a better life for yourself. Open up your thoughts, take action and release the average and introduce the greatness in your life – let go of the mediocrity.

Be good to yourselves


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