7 more Thoughts to start helping you break your Rut

As I have mentioned previously, Ruts are nasty things that block your personal growth.

You may also wish to view my recent post on Rut breaking thoughts.

Again in no particular order……………….

  • Read an inspiring Book
  • Take a walk, jog, bike ride
  • Dream a little …..or a lot……Visualise where you want to be in 5,10 years from now
  • Commence action relating to your visualisation and get excited about it and how it will change your Life
  • Tell people about your (new) future and how enjoyable it is going to be for you
  • Wear a funny hat for a day,  smile a lot (you can’t be unhappy when you smile)
  • Seek the counsel of a close friend, helping professional, Life Coach

As Always,

Be good to yourselves


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