Is Achieving a Goal a form of Healing?

I can’t think of anything more uplifting than achieving a goal. Well I can but those details are best left out of this post.

Whether it was a short term goal or long term, the achievement gets the juices flowing. You could also say it is a form of healing –  Wow, what’s that you say?

You mean I don’t need to escape to “woo woo” land to be “healed”? That’s right, it may be all in your thoughts, which you can control. Escaping is easy, it weakens you, you’re giving your authority, your personal power to someone else.

Now, I have nothing against the “Healers” in our community. Many do a marvellous job for those who are in definite need of a helping hand.

However, many “normal people” feel the need  to escape to have their “shattered lives” healed. I mean it’s trendy. There’s a new buzzword, procedure or practitioner turning up every week it seems.

Now, here’s a thought……Imagine taking the time to set some meaningful goals, to rebuild your life, contibute to your own “self healing”. This is a form of committment to rather than an escape from your “shattered life”. Responsibility, personal accountability if you like. Maintaining your personal power if you will.

Committment/Choice is very powerful indeed. It’s harder than “escaping” however allowing yourself the choice to help yourself and committing to that choice is a strong foundation for your life and your future.

What do you think?


Be good to yourselves


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