7 Thoughts to help you start breaking your Rut

Ruts are nasty things. We have all been in them.

They come in many forms.

Sometimes we need to shake out the cobwebs and put a different perspective on our lives. Otherwise our Ruts may consume us.

I’ve penned some thoughts, you may like them, you may not, it’s up to you. At the end of the day, if your life is becoming stale, try to think differently.

In no particular order…………………..

  • Slow down, pause, reflect……..”what’s going on in your life?”
  • Take a deep breath, what are your thoughts right now, are they serving you?
  • What makes you smile? Think about it, then…………Smile!
  • Tell someone dear to you that you appreciate them OR be really bold & tell them that you love them
  • Try doing something different than usual……….anything, you might like it
  • Indulge yourself a little, think about your greatest achievements to date………….it’s never too late to achieve again
  • Be Grateful for what you already have……….and get on with it!

Be good to yourselves


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