Bust your Rut….not your Butt

Are you running around like a “headless chook”?, your mind is racing, you are darting in different directions, seemingly all at the same time – Life is a blur……

OR are you sitting in the corner with a puzzled look on your face?, not knowing what to do or where to turn. No direction, no motivation, no goals. These two scenarios may seem poles apart however they share the same problem = RUT.

Whether you are darting in different directions or have no direction at all, you need to get your head in to a better space. Pause & Reflect. This is a great starting point if you want to bust your Rut. You will need to build upon this.  Look within. Motivation. Do you want a better deal out of life? It is not essentially difficult, it’s not butt-busting.…….just start thinking differently.

Gratitude, is my main motivator when I feel that I am in a RUT. Gratitude for the things that I have, the people that I love and for the great things that have occurred in my Life. Thinking thoughts of gratitude can only produce positive actions for you, it does for me. The good news is…….it’s easy to do! ….just make the time to be grateful, again it’s not butt-busting!

Amazing things start to happen when different thoughts & gratitude are allowed in. Better thoughts begin to manifest. ‘Breakthrough moments’ occur. Perceptions change, even “the busyness” seems calmer. Positive results occur. You have better control of your actions, you have the time to do things effectively…..your butt is less busted and you are breaking out of your Rut!

Stay tuned for further Rut busting tips.

Be good to yourselves


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