Navigating your way through Uncertainty

‘We live in troubled times’…….this phrase has no doubt been uttered through countless generations.

Newsflash – We always have!  Get over it!

We get bombarded with so much negative media. People seemingly prefer to take notice of impending doom rather than of good fortune- the focus is on the negative.

Perception is a great tool to filter the negativity. Our perception creates our reality.

The World may live in uncertain times however that does not mean that you have to. You need to create your own certainty. At least as far as you can go in making things “certain”. I mean, you will need to allow some latitude for “surprises” along the way.

Perception or how you see the world defines who you are. If you see boundless opportunities, they will be there. If you see yourself lacking or with no possible hope or direction in life, then that is what will happen.

You have only one shot at this life…..why not make it a good one! Forget the excuses, just get on with it.

So what does one do? Getting your perception right is one thing but you need to build a stronger foundation. I have found that creating a Map for your future via effective Goal setting and having a Personal Vision will go a long way to eliminating your uncertainty.

If you know where you are going, it is so much easier to get there. To start, try answering these questions;

  • What is really important to you
  • What do you want to achieve in life, work
  • What makes your heart sing, gets your juices flowing
  • What risks are you prepared to take
  • Do you want to be a victim or be in control of your here & now
  • What are you grateful for now that you want to continue
  • What do you want to be grateful for

Use these questions  as a guide, you no doubt will be able to craft questions of your own. The idea is to get you thinking along the lines of your future, starting with the present. Create your best certainty now……what’s stopping you?

Be good to yourselves



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