Beating the mid life blues


How many times have you heard the term “mid life crisis?” – plenty I bet. Well I’ll come clean from the start. I’m over 40 (well,over 50) and I went through a sort of “mid life crisis”…I think. I’m not even sure how you define a mid life crisis or whether you can. It’s probably different from person to person. However I will share some of my experiences, both good & bad, which allowed me to survive my 40’s (&50’s so far)!

Now firstly I’ll set the scene. At age 41 I quit my job of 23 years, if this was because of some mid life crisis, I ‘m not sure. However it is a starting point. Here’s what I found important:

  • learn to enjoy life more/chill, de-stress…..stress is a killer
  • work on ‘the big picture’….the little things will generally work themselves out
  • plan for a bigger picture if you feel “stale” or “stuck” OR
  • spend more time on the little things if you really get stuck, re tune them, polish, re think them but don’t worry – always keep the big picture in mind
  • keep active both physically & mentally, don’t de-stress so much that you become inaminate
  • maintain your sense of’ ‘pre midlife crisis’ humour….or develop one
  • love your partner even more….he/she has to put up with you
  • tell your children this is only a passing phase & not to laugh or make snide remarks behind your back….they may go through the same one day
  • learn new skills, keep learning
  • share yourself with the world, don’t hibernate

Now, a couple of these points I did straight away, others I learned, I should have done earlier…that’s life to some extent. As I mentioned above “keep learning”, don’t hibernate or become inaminate. When you really take the time to learn more about yourself, you will ultimately reveal that you ‘have a story to tell’.

Develop ‘your story’I did. It is a learning process. More than likely it is a new learning process with obstacles and u-turns. The impulse to “give up” can be strong and the voices of so-called reason within your head can be deafening. You must learn to tune them out or turn down the volume then most importantly, stay the course.

After all, we are talking about your life here, there’s plenty of living still to be done. Now it is up to you how long your ‘mid life blues’ last. If you find yourself really stuck with no direction…..ask for help, family, trusted friends, Life Coach. Don’t wallow, enjoy life, be productive & sharing and give it your best shot!

Be good to yourselves


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