A Vital Ingredient for Reaching the Unreachable

You can imagine what it feels like, yet cannot quite touch it, you can imagine what it looks like yet you cannot quite see it, you can imagine what it tastes like yet you cannot quite smell it. You are close……the reachable is currently out of your grasp, yet you are close. You have set yourself this goal(s) however there is one vital ingredient missing – belief.

Now that seems a strange thing to say, “of course I believe I can achieve this goal otherwise I would not be attempting it”. However, if you have conflicting beliefs, they will limit your attempts to achieve. A quick example: you have as your goal ‘to give up smoking’. Now while you see the health benefits of doing so, you also “believe” that smoking is acceptable in a social environment with a few friends or to be enjoyed with a drink at your local drinking establishment – this is the underlying sabotaging belief and it will at some stage surface & thwart your goal achievement.

Goals can be exciting things to pursue. Achieving them even more so. It doesn’t make sense to sabotage yourself before you even start, does it?

My suggestionwhen you are establishing your goal setting routine i.e is the goal; specifically articulated, measurable, achievable, realistic, time framed before you go any further add ‘are there any beliefs of mine that may sabotage this goal achievement?’ Now that being said, many of our beliefs are not readily known…we can’t just write them down but they are there. N.B many are “good” beliefs & not knowing them isn’t a problem but the limiting ones are the problem.

The trick is, if/when at any stage you find the path toward your goal achievement “somewhat blocked” , check your underlying beliefs, that may be where your answer lies. These underlying limiting beliefs often come to the surface when least expected. Step aside for a time & analyse them. If they no longer serve you, move them on. Conquering your limiting beliefs will go a long way to help you ‘reach the unreachable’.

Be good to yourselves



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